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Title: UPDATE BAD NEWS FOR NEW MEXICO-Political Action Alert NEW MEXICO Heads Up!
Post by: TaosGlock on January 18, 2019, 10:29:18 PM
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Firearms liberty in NM, like many states now is under attack and advancing fast. The non-stop propaganda radio ads all over the state are brought to you by 'Everytown For Gun Safety' in which Bloomberg, etc. monies help supply the fuel.
We are outnumbered in pro gun representatives. And therefore in a tough situation. Especially with the new change of guard in the merry round house in Santa Fe.

In response to the governor's call-to-action, the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee is expected to hold public hearings on the following gun control measures on Thursday, January 24, at 1:30pm in Room 317 of the State Capitol. (Note: committee agendas have not been officially posted and we will notify you of any changes in scheduling.)

House Bill 8, so-called "universal background check" legislation sponsored by Representative Debra Sarinana, would ban all private firearms sales between law-abiding individuals. Gun owners will be forced to pay undetermined fees and obtain government approval before selling firearms to family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers, or fellow hunters, competitive shooters and gun club members. This proposal will have no impact on crime and is unenforceable without gun registration.

House Bill 35, by Representative Miguel Garcia, would require federal firearm licensed dealers to pay the state $200 annually to establish a system for the Department of Public Safety to run stolen gun checks on any used firearm an FFL purchases. While FFLs and gun owners support getting stolen firearms off the street, a functional process that allows them to conduct such checks in real time needs to be worked out in advance of any such mandate. And the state, rather than small business owners, should finance such a public safety initiative.

House Bill 40, by Representative Miguel Garcia, would require criminal records checks on private firearms sales at gun shows – a perennial target of the gun control crowd, even though studies show that these events are not a source of crime guns.

House Bill 83, extreme risk protection order or "red flag" legislation sponsored by Representative Damon Ely, would authorize the seizure of firearms and ammunition from individuals without due process. Unchallenged statements made by a petitioner before a judge, alleging that someone is a danger to themselves or others in an ex parte proceeding -- prior to any formal court hearing at which the respondent can be represented by counsel and present counter evidence -- would be sufficient for law enforcement to enter that person's home and confiscate their private property.

House Bill 87 by Representative Deborah Armstrong expands the state’s “prohibited person” firearm law by purportedly incorporating federal firearm disqualifications. The bill would prohibit individuals convicted of certain domestic violence misdemeanor crimes or who are subject to a domestic violence protective order from purchasing or possessing a firearm, with violations being a criminal offense. However, the bill goes beyond the prohibited categories in federal law in several significant ways. The state law definition of “household member” – unlike federal law – specifically includes a person who is or has been a continuing personal relationship, which applies to dating or intimate partners who have never lived together. The bill would include, as firearm-prohibiting offenses, nonviolent misdemeanors with no physical contact between the parties (like harassment by telephone or email, or criminal damage to the property or jointly owned property of a “household member”). Unlike federal law, this bill would require anyone subject to a protective order to surrender any firearms they own, possess, or control to law enforcement within 48 hours of the order. Not only does this bill impose a mandatory surrender, it authorizes law enforcement to seize any guns that are in plain sight or are discovered pursuant to a lawful search. Similar legislation had passed the Legislature in 2017 but was vetoed by Gov. Susana Martinez. Significantly, the 2017 legislation contained other options for affected parties to comply with the firearm surrender requirement, including storing their guns with licensed firearm dealers, or transferring the guns to a qualified third party. These key alternatives are not contained in this bill.

House Bill 130, sponsored by Representative Linda Trujillo, would make gun owners criminally and civilly liable if a child gains unsupervised access to an unsecured firearm. New Mexico already has a first degree felony child abuse statute on the books to hold adults accountable for putting children's lives or health at risk in any manner. The tools exist to charge and prosecute parents or guardians in appropriate cases. Education is the key to protecting gun owners and their kids, not a state mandate on how one stores a firearm in his or her home.

Please make plans to attend Thursday's hearing to speak out against these misguided bills and contact committee members to urge them to OPPOSE these measures.
Title: Re: Political Action Alert NEW MEXICO Heads Up!
Post by: Jerry Hall on January 19, 2019, 03:30:08 PM
Thanks Dan, doing it now... :sb:
Title: Re: Political Action Alert NEW MEXICO Heads Up!
Post by: oladcock on January 19, 2019, 07:43:04 PM
Will be there with bells on... Actually a Sig. :)
Title: Re: Political Action Alert NEW MEXICO Heads Up!
Post by: RJ.Mouse on January 21, 2019, 08:49:12 PM
1.  Double redundancy (indemnity)
2.  Proposed FFL tax (firearm fine)
3.  Unparalleled invasion of privacy
4.  And, state sponsored (mis)appropriation of rights and personal property w/o due
     process or representation

     Oh, I guess they forgot to submit a bill to change the state name...  New California.
And, the abbreviation could be "1984," only out of respect for North Carolina.  Well,
on the bright side, at least these are all solid with ABSOLUTELY NO WAY FOR SOMEONE
Title: Re: Political Action Alert NEW MEXICO Heads Up!
Post by: TaosGlock on January 23, 2019, 07:03:56 PM
Will be there too! Lets all hook up. :~
Title: Re: Political Action Alert NEW MEXICO Heads Up!
Post by: TaosGlock on January 25, 2019, 11:19:18 PM
 Thanks to all you who showed up. Thanks to OL for the Gun Control, I will not comply buttons!  :snipersmi Thank you NMMI9100 for supporting the cause. There were old liberty loving patriots I had not seen in awhile who all showed up for the cause.

Bad news....with the Dems outnumbering the pro liberty side by nearly 2-1, all these passed out of committee. :( We outnumbered them 10-1, to no avail. :wb:
Bloomberg monies and the whiney victims groups won the day. Next it goes to the full house. Our newly elected Gov has changed
for the worse and she will sign these. All this despite the Sheriffs saying they won’t enforce them.
In a blink, our state has swung to the dark side. :-\