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Title: 2019 Kansas Appleseed schedule
Post by: Lomshek on January 15, 2019, 01:01:09 AM
How good are you?  A Rifleman can put 5 rounds into a postage stamp at 25 meters prone unsupported.  No bag, no bipod, no bench. 
This is the size a target at 500 meters would appear.  That’s what we’ll teach you.

Sign up online (

March 9-10 Appleseed 25 meter shoot at Bone Creek Gun Club near Pittsburg, KS ( - Centerfire and rimfire are welcome.

March 30-31 Instructor Boot Camp at Renewable Concepts in Neodesha, KS (*

May 18-19 Appleseed 25 meter shoot at Mill Creek Rifle Club in De Soto, KS ( - Centerfire and rimfire are welcome.
The Mill Creek Appleseed registration will open to the public on March 15th.  Before then only MCRC members can sign up via the link they were emailed or on the MCRC member's site.

Date TBD Appleseed 25 meter shoot at Air Capital Gun Club near Wichita, KS (  .22LR only at ACGC (no centerfire)! 


*Instructor Boot Camp is an in depth free of charge 2 day training class for Appleseed instructors of all ranks and prospective instructors who have met the Appleseed prerequisites of attending at least two Appleseeds and shooting Rifleman.  Instructors from anywhere nationwide are welcome to attend.  An IBC is a non-shooting class where we'll learn and practice the techniques taught at Appleseed.  We'll do this using dummy rifles and dry firing in an indoor facility. 
If you're not an instructor but want to be one contact me at before signing up.

Notice - Smith & Wesson 15/22 .22LR rifles have been temporarily banned from Appleseed while S&W and Appleseed work to determine the cause of malfunctioning rifles that have created safety concerns.
S&W centerfire AR15's, all .22LR conversions and non-S&W .22LR dedicated uppers are allowed.
Email me at for the latest status.

If you’ve wanted to learn the finer points of putting accurate rounds on target this is for you.  We’ll spend two days learning how to shoot the rifle from standing, seated, kneeling and prone with just a sling to help steady the rifle.  No bipods, bags or benches (although we do make any allowances needed for a person's physical limitations).

We’ll do our shooting at 25 meters using reduced size targets to simulate distances of up to 500 meters.  There’s no point walking back and forth to far away targets or worrying about wind and drop until you can actually put rounds on a simulated size target.  The 500 meter target is a 1" square (the size of a postage stamp).

Here's the link to Appleseed's national calendar ( if you can't make it to this one.

Here’s Appleseed's homepage ( where you can read all about Appleseed.  Lucky Gunner wrote up a review of Appleseed ( and a follow up of lessons learned ( that do a good job of telling you what to expect.

The entry fee is $60 for adults, $20 for kids under 18 and $20 for all military (Active, Guard & Reserves) and police and elected officials.
We’ll fire about 600 rounds over two days.  The class is held rain, snow or shine as long as it’s safe to drive.  Dress accordingly.
At some Appleseeds centerfire rifles like the AR-15, FAL or any other military pattern rifle are also welcome.  Check the individual event for caliber restrictions. Any rifle action and any sighting system is allowed but the course of fire is designed around removable magazine fed semi-autos.

Kids and new shooters are welcome but will get more out of the class if they at least know how to operate the rifle safely.  All attendees must be safe handling the rifle including standing up and sitting down with a rifle.

Here are some helpful links and info.

Online registration (

Ammo - You'll need 600 rounds of ammo for the two day class.  CCI Standard Velocity and CCI Mini-Mag .22LR are two of the most reliable and accurate .22LR rounds you can get that's still reasonably priced.

Instructor sign up ( - If you're an Appleseed instructor we'd love to have your help!
Use this link to work a shoot but use the student link to sign up for the IBC.
(You must be logged into the Appleseed forum as an instructor to use this link)

How to prepare for an Appleseed (

Appleseed website (

Appleseed forum (

Hope you can make it,

Roger Lomshek
KS Appleseed Coordinator