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Title: Free to good home
Post by: DrJohn on February 14, 2018, 10:18:16 AM
Dear Appleseed instructors,

I became inactive several months ago and find I have lots of perfectly good Appleseed paraphernalia I no longer need. This includes things like Appleseed signs, good sturdy frames to hold the signs (not the cheesy soft wire so often used, but sturdy enough to take a hammering in hard soil), lots of targets, both squares and AQTs, some D-target repair centers for long distance work, handout materials and waivers, assorted tees, a few Large size red Instructor sweatshirts and hoodies, several Instructor red rain ponchos, a few Instructor watch caps, some wire for target lines, and probably some other things as well. This would be a swell addition to the new Red Hat, the advancing Orange Hat, the new Shoot Boss, or just about anyone. Would prefer to hand over the entire lot so as to save time and trouble, and am willing to drive a reasonable distance for the convenience of the recipient. This is all first class stuff and it would be a shame to waste it, but I no longer have need.

Please contact me at my regular email:, or 912 223-5808.

In Liberty,