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Title: Sign up for Michigan IBC, food order is upcoming!
Post by: Oz on February 06, 2018, 08:06:16 AM
Good morning!
Just a quick reminder that our 7th Annual Michigan IBC is just over 2 weeks away.   We start with an optional yet awesome medical training session on the evening of Friday, February 23rd, with the main event being all day Saturday and Sunday, February 24-25.  The event is in Lansing, Michigan; if you’re not sure where that is,  envision a 6 o’clock hold on a target in the center of the mitten.  It’s just below that. 

This isn’t just for Michigan instructors.  We’re open to any instructors!  You will absolutely learn things at the IBC; I’ve personally been to 5 so far and I can’t wait to go back because I know I will learn more.

Better yet (for me): there are things we can learn from you!  Don’t hold out on us, come on up and see us!  You won’t be alone, usually there are instructors from about 5 other states joining us.  Grab a friend and a large coffee and get on the road!

This new reminder is because we’re about at a critical time: the time we order the catered meals!  Today is Tuesday.  The food order is going in on Friday.  If you know you’re coming, please please please hurry up and sign up so we have a good headcount and order the right amount of food!

Please sign up 2 places (this is different from past instructions):

1.   Sign up as a student at the following link: (

2.   Sign up as an instructor through TIPS, as usual.  (I know, past messages said to not sign up here, ignore those messages and follow this one.  If you already followed past instructions and only signed up as a student, go ahead and sign up as an instructor too!) (

The main planning thread is on the Michigan Instructors board at the following link.  Any instructor should be able to read it—PM me if you can’t!  It includes more handy information on directions, sleeping arrangements, what to bring, what to expect.  (Spoiler alert: expect awesomeness.   :F)  We'll talk about the state of Appleseed, whisk away the mysteries of our points of instructions, you'll learn more about history and how to tell it well, rifle familiarization, troubleshooting on the line, as well as fun extras like the swap meet and trivia quiz! (

Now, if you currently don’t think you are able to attend, and then circumstances change after Friday and you find you can come, don’t think “I missed the deadline, I’d better not go”.  We want to see you, sign up and come, you can share my plate.  My doctor would prefer about 3 people share my plate, you’d be doing me a favor.   :sb:  Just sign up and come!


Hope to see you soon! 

John / Oz