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Title: HELP NEEDED: Fenton MI Sept 30-Oct 1
Post by: SteelThunder on September 26, 2017, 06:33:55 PM
IN cadre --

Michigan has answered the call many times and now I need to call on you.  We have an event in Fenton, MI with 10 pre-regs for the September 30-October 1, 2017.  That's the minimum we need to meet club rules.  We've had to cancel the last 2 due to no HAVE NO INSTRUCTORS SIGNED UP.

I've reached out to all the Shoot Bosses in Michigan...and all are busy running AS's or with life.  I can't do it.  This is a great club and I really don't want to have another cancelled event.

--->  Can anyone shoot boss this event?
--->  Can anyone help instruct?

We've had a volunteer come forward to drop off a trailer full of supplies...we just need bodies.  Please help if you can...we'll need to make a call by Thursday.

ST2 out...and thanks