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Title: Movin' and a shakin'
Post by: Wheeler44 on December 23, 2008, 02:40:43 PM
Hey, hey, hey,  Oregon..............

Guess what?    You all just got a new state Ambassador and not one but two State coordinators.........wooooo hooooo

Yup new member "New York" has generously agreed to spread the word of Appleseed to the denizens of Oregon and beyond.... We are lucky indeed.

Members and IITs "RL" and Ambulance Driver will share State Coordinator duties findin' ranges and settin' up shoots and so forth...  They'll be splittin' the state roughly down the Cascade Range with RL ram roddin' the entire eastern part of the state and Ambulance Driver ridin' roughshod over the "Wild and Wooly Westerners"   It should be a good mix.

Now remember folks these good folks stepped up and took on these responsibilities as volunteers to make Oregon one of the best Appleseedin' states in the union. But they can't do it all by themselves......Noooo.   They need your help.   So if you can help in any capacity, please, get a hold of one of these fine volunteers and put your shoulder to the Appleseed cart..

Together we can make Oregon a shining beacon of Appleseed.  So   come on, whatcha waitin' for?

A very happy,