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Title: Custer, Wa 27-28 Jun 2015 AAR
Post by: Earl on June 24, 2015, 12:55:58 PM
This could be called a placeholder, but I like to think of it as a walk down memory lane. (  Last one of last year, good times.

26 Jun 2015 .. moved the middle seat out of the Caravan, there is a lot of Appleseed stuff to load, and my M1 Garand from CMP. Off to the YMCA for my maturing physical maintenance needs, then pick up the bicycle at the shop (all tuned up!). Then back home for lunch, packing up and thoughts about three shooter venues far from home. Hope everyone brings friends. ^:)^
Title: Re: Custer, Wa 27-28 Jun 2015 AAR
Post by: Earl on June 29, 2015, 12:04:32 AM
Well, a wonderful Appleseed, three pre-registered, three instructors, two of the shooters were very new - one completely new to rifles, slings, positions and everything else we instructed on.... but wow, how fast that one learned! Camera shy because of the current world views of so many things - we invented a new classification for seventh stepping (telling everyone what wonderful safe, sane, great time, fun stuff and the history). The new classification is S to the 4th power (SSSS = Super Secret Shooting Society) where if the present levels of fear reaching new heights of foolishness, like on the Confederate Battle flag, or the stained glass window in the National Cathedral and such like removing all Confederate Memorials, and Slave Owner honors.  Everything has to be hidden...

The youngest shooter was eleven, home schooled and trying to catch his brother since he went Appleseeding at Port Townsend and came home bragging about it, and camping out and... you get the idea. Best attitude on line, he will be a Shoot Boss in a few more years of growth and much more shooting safely and on target.

The old hand was on his fourth Appleseed and was a fine Seventh Stepper, and zeroing in on his Rifleman patch, two more points at a time. If he had caught that losening stock bolt earlier he might have had a few more points faster. Steady on, some of the tightest groups, his Rifleman's Cadence and trusting his NPOA isn't where I want them yet, but his dedication and accepting attitude it is right in front of him.

Sunday walk on was an old hand (RWVA RH) in his  retirement years, and he needs a bit of tweaking to make two fifty, 233 was his best AQT, but he did get as low as 198 so there is much room for making a better good, but it was our pleasure to see him and score his targets as we helped the other shooters. He did several Rifleman scores.

Pictures, sure I have a couple I can post that weren't in the S to the 4th power.