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Title: Stevenson, WA AAR June 6-7
Post by: kenjo on June 03, 2015, 01:27:39 PM
Forecast in the low 90s both days, 10 shooters signed up so far. Glad we have a cover over the equipment line--we'll need the shade!
Title: Re: Stevenson, WA AAR June 6-7
Post by: Earl on June 04, 2015, 11:58:56 AM
Will bring my sunscreen, too. And a couple of rifles and stuff. O0

Wow, was  it ever HOT! :-[ I am not sad, but my face is RED!

I have just received my hardback copy of this fine History (Washington's Crossing, by Fisher), and a tree hugging liberal with not stomach for real war must have had the book last, since the bookmark in it was about planting a tree and being happy for life, and it was too early in the book to have finished really studying the whole thing. It also could have been that the book talks about responsibility and courage and commitment or that the book doesn't present the History as his junior high American History book did... thank the fool for me, the maps are very nice and its easier to read notes and citations in the printed book than trying to flip my kindle back and forth. The book cost less than the shipping,, subseller. Great deal.

What a wonderful two days with eight fine folks learning all they could absorb about marksmanship, History and our heritage. I have some pictures to share and will mull over more comments later, but three hour drive home in the baking heat of my airconditionNOT Caravan, means I must cool out and cool off.  Thank you all for being so young enthusiastic and do dry practice and get some great slings and practice, practice, practice - dry. You will be fine on your next Appleseed.
Title: Re: Stevenson, WA AAR June 6-7
Post by: kenjo on June 08, 2015, 11:18:43 AM
This was an unusual combination of shooters, with 6 of them all in the same family, and a young couple from Seattle. Thanks to everyone for coming out on the hottest weekend of the year, so far. We on the wet side of the Northwest don't get used to 90 degree temperatures until much later in the summer, so getting slammed with it so soon after coming out of hibernation was rough. Everybody did their best, in spite of the heat. The best thing was that everyone kept their great attitudes and stayed safe throughout. However, by early afternoon on Sunday most had reached their limits of heat tolerance so after a leisurely lunch, more history and a final summary and call to action we all bid farewell and "see you on the trail" before heading down the road in search of air conditioning.

Steve and Sharyn made the long drive from Seattle for this weekend and did very well. Sharyn handled her bolt action rifle like a pro and clearly demonstrated that she will attain that Rifleman patch after another event or two. Steve had an unfortunate mechanical issue with his rifle late on Saturday that may have been developing through the afternoon. It's tough to have consistent groups when the scope keeps moving! With a loaner rifle on Sunday he did much better and definitely showed he'll just get better with practice.

David, our birthday boy, struggled through significant knee pain and the heat to not only work on the fundamentals but cheer-lead his family through the weekend. Happy Birthday, Dave!

Andy was a trooper and eager to learn. He followed instructions very well and worked hard.

Abraham. This young man is an inspiration. In spite of physical limitations that would stop a weaker man, he found ways to compensate and eagerly took to the instruction and kept a great attitude throughout. His excitement about his scores was inspirational to us all. When the rest of the family was done in by the heat he was ready to shoot one more time, and did. It was a genuine pleasure to spend time with him this weekend.

Janelle, Mom, shot each morning but rested during the afternoon and provided logistic support for the family. A blue hat in the future? She's a natural for that role!

Top Gun award for the family goes to Annir, for her tighter and tighter groups and steady improvement throughout the weekend. She showed that having a teachable attitude and attention to the fundamentals works!

Daniel shot some very nice groups as well. With diligent practice and attention to the fundamentals he learned this weekend he will soon be wearing the Rifleman patch. Good luck on your Eagle Scout quest.

To all our shooters, thanks very much for getting off the couch this weekend to learn the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and the history of April 19, 1775. I hope you were inspired by stories of our founders, who sacrificed and risked so much so we could assemble together this weekend, with rifles, and bask in the freedom and liberty they gave us. Remember, the American Revolution continues and we must all do our part to keep it going.