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Title: Port Townsend. WA 12-13 July 2014 AAR
Post by: Earl on July 11, 2014, 11:57:49 PM
Except for rifles and Shoot Boss and his cooler, the Caravan is fueled and packed for the Appleseed.  Should be, traffic permitting, at least one instructor pulling into the range about now - a long drive up from his home. Weather looks perfect. Twelve shooters. :)

Monday following the event:

A great Appleseed, hosted by the Jefferson County Sportsmen's Club on Gun Club Road. I was the Shoot Boss, Kimber Custom, Paulw, and Yankee Terrier were the crew and we had a fine time instructing, coaching and telling the stories of our heritage, the time and people of 19 April, 1775.

I have never tried this but allow me to see if I can name all the shooters without referring to the sign up sheet.

Two walk ons:  Henry (has been here before, helped out in set up), Colin (came with Helen) first positive marksmanship experience this weekend.

Helen (has shot with Appleseed before and seventh stepping brought Colin)

KEVIN came on Sunday to continue his quest for 250 AQT, with his bolt action.

Jim and Chris, Jim had the Ruger 50th Anniversary and excited Kimber Custom during his scoring of the first three stages of the AQT - averaging 42 points per stage, and then had too much time to out think the 4th stage. Sigh, we really put out too much information too fast, and you will have to drill it into you mind and muscle memory - I am sure you will soon, practice, practice and practice.

Clint and Kiev came together, and Kiev has been Appleseeding in Idaho and was really hammering at the door, he carried a notebook to record his shooting and was focused on every shot. Clint loves to shoot but this is his first taste of marksmanship to the 4 MOA, sure is different. I hope we see him again.

Carl and John were with us on the first day but had another commitment on Sunday. I am sure to see them return when they have two days available, Carl asked some thought provoking questions.

Milt and Jo, Milt had a fine old bolt action rifle from the Europeans and was knocking loudly on the Rifleman's door, Jo had all kinds of challenges tossed her way by ammunition, equipment and the wonderful warm (HOT!) weather. I noticed this pair was the happiest, most accepting of advice and adjusting to the trials of the trail. I expect they will be back at a future Appleseed.

Erik, a compatriot of Henry, a left hand shooter (there were three of them) and a several Appleseeds under his belt was one of the almost made it this time, his high score was 204, and it was a very solid performance both days.

And the final name was Robert, a fine shot from the bench rest shooting world, not that I know anything about bench rest but many urban shooting clubs and venues have real strict limits by law and area of what type of shooting one can do. Seattle area is an urban area. even with all the evergreens. Robert was a new Rifleman, scoring 235 on his first and 210 on his second AQT, and I did mention if it had been the other way he would have had water poured upon his head, as hot as it was that probably would have been a good thing.

Kimber Custom brought his one round transition drills and I really was impressed with the drop in that first round getting out on target. Ammunition still being is short supply, remember to study the homework, write down your experiences (a notebook like Kiev has is a fine idea - or you could add your thoughts here on the AAR and the forum or post a blog or something on your Facebook page) and for sure get lots of dry practice, six steps, rifleman's cadence, NPOA and over and over practicing perfection - don't fuss the shot! and I will see you on the trail!

I have included three of the pictures I took of the Appleseed weekend, but none are of the range, since it is prohibited by the executive council now.  I had a wonderful time, thanks for making it all worthy.
Title: Re: Port Townsend. WA 12-13 July 2014 AAR
Post by: Kimber Custom on July 14, 2014, 01:50:17 PM
There's no better way to spend a weekend than with good people being persistent at self improvement. Great attitudes all around despite the above average vitamin D dosage.

Kevin, thanks for bringing Milt and Jo out. I do look forward to scoring that 250 for you.

Helen, consider having a gun smith bed that rifle stock. With that loop sling and a solid rifle I think you will break through the magic 210.

Clint, I can see the shooter (and perhaps more important - the teacher) in you. I look forward to seeing you on the trail.

Henry and Erik - both of you have it in you. Liberty is not a part of our DNA. It's passed on as a gift from one generation to the next. I do what I do to pass that gift on to you.

There were moments of brilliance from everyone this weekend. Some hardware tuning, rifle fitting and a little stretching/dry practice will yield the results you all are looking for.

Paul - so glad to work with you on the trail again. Yankee - thank you for all you do as range liaison and logistical support. Earl - always a pleasure.
Title: Re: Port Townsend. WA 12-13 July 2014 AAR
Post by: Earl on July 16, 2014, 12:25:29 PM
I have completed my last writing about this event as a Shoot Boss. I have mailed the letter to the host range. I do hope that they have the two future Appleseeds, September 13-14 and November 8-9, as well or better attended (and ammunition is back on the shelves!) and the crew performs even better. See you all on the trail!