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Title: Promotional and Other Activities / Tasks in the near future
Post by: fisherdawg on March 26, 2014, 07:34:49 PM
509Gman's post below is great to see  -- Appleseed, especially in the promotions area, is all about grabbing the initiative and running with it.  Anyone else that has some time or an idea, let me know.  We'll do it.  Or do it and tell me after. >:D

Under other tasks that I should ask for help with:
1. Prior to April 19 we need to do a shoot box drill, probably an hour for 3 people to organize that mess.
2. I want to build a flag stand for use at LibertySeeds or Ranges without structures. I have a plan and I'll supply the materials but a couple additional pairs of hands would be great.
3. Birchwood wants us to put some eye lags into E Range back wall so our flags can be clipped without blocking the windows.  I've got materials & tools.  We'll zip the clips to the flags instead of on the line as it is now.  Putting them up or down will be easy/squeezy.  Again a couple a couple of pairs of hands would make this easy.  Then we would have to go shot after, right?
4. I have several large stacks (piles) of Appleseed paper.  I need a 4 drawer letter size filing cabinet that is in just good enough condition that the sight does not make Amy puke.  If you happen into a Thrift store or garage sale and see same.  Call me, I'll come get it or pay you back if you purchase for me. Budget --less than $50.
5. I was going to use the proceeds form the ammo sales to buy a projector setup for LibertySeed.  However, I used those funds to pay for the CCI order of 15K rounds of 22lr for youth. So, now we need a fund raiser for the projector, screen & stand.  Total budget about $550.00, less if we can find good used items.
6.  Mike S. from Kodiak is bringing us some surplus 2&1/2" fire hose for steel target hanger straps. After April 19 I'm sure I can use some help getting workable straps made out of the this very tough stuff.  Anybody have a line on extra heavy duty 1/2" grommets and the gadgets to install them?
7. Don't forget to sign up to work as many of the pending shoots as you can. (You knew that was coming, right >:D)
8. I'm trying to get the NRA Youth Day at Birchwood organizers to allow us to set up an information table, maybe next to the CenterFire Rifle station.  I'll need at least 3 or 4 volunteers IIT's to work it.  It's a fun day and the more of us out there running around in our Hats and Appleseed shirts the better! If we ain't going to do that we ought to plan to up at Jonesville on June 7 doing KD?
9.  Anyone who has access to a color printer, please print as many of the Alaska All Event Fliers as possible.  Post everywhere legal. ;D
10. Make sure you're learning your history and you're doing your PC's to bring to the shoot so we can make be a Shoot Boss and you can write posts like this. >:D >:D >:D
Seriously we need Red Hats & SB's so we can grow the program.  Think of an Appleseed Event at BRSP where we have EVERY bay!
11.  Any body need a copy of Paul Revere's Ride? I have 2 I picked up at Title Wave for $9.00 in good condition.
12. I have access to between 1 and 5 10' X 10' popup canopies.  More would be better as the lines in Soldotna, Tok and Talkeetna are not covered. Each 10'X accomodates 3 shooters so ..... Anyway, if you have access to borrow you might be thinking ahead.  Bound to rain sometime.
13.  Make sure your Permanent fund apps are in ... Monday's the deadline.  That's gun & ammo money fer sure. ;D
14.  Know anybody or any place that wants a LibertySeed?  They may not know they want one until we tell them.
15.  That's what I've got.  What have you got?
Title: Re: Promotional and Other Activities / Tasks in the near future
Post by: 509gman on March 26, 2014, 11:13:13 PM
I'll help with any and all of this, just let me know when and where.
I've got a friend at cabelas, he's getting me into the friends and family event the Monday before the grand opening. I'm walking out of there with as much .22, 7.62, etc they let me! Enough bragging, do we want to try and set up an information table for the grand opening? Ill try to get the conversation started.
Title: Re: Promotional and Other Activities / Tasks in the near future
Post by: fisherdawg on March 27, 2014, 02:10:18 AM
A giant yes for the Cabela's info table.
Cabela's has been a friend to the program in the Lower 48, or so I've heard 2nd or 3rd. hand.