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Title: Appleseed Pistol Clinic Sept. 21st @ Ramseur
Post by: hawkeye on September 15, 2013, 08:58:55 AM
We have a Appleseed Pistol Clinic coming up the 21st of this month,Please sign up in the Tips area of the forum. I would like for some of the red hats to start teaching some of the parts of the course of fire. If you are interested please sign up for what you want to instruct by posting on this thread. I need to start to figure out what an instructor needs to know for Appleseed Pistol Clinics that is different from Appleseed such as clearing a pistol etc..., After the Class I want to have a quick meeting about this. I want the instructors to shoot an PQT too so bring 40 rounds an give it a go. A pistol that you might carry would be best. Thanks Steve