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I teach kids and am always looking for ways to ensure they have no fear of new things and actively seek out mentors for obtaining new skills. This is the first thing you should teach your kids: HOW TO FIND TEACHERS.

The next thing is to teach them about the rapidly changing world we live in an how they're going to get through challenging times, be it survival skills, knowledge about the Constitution and how it was designed to protect us, ability to handle a firearm and why they are an critical part of American history and our future, and as much history as they can absorb so they can see how arts, science and philosophy developed over the centuries.

On the subject of survival, housing and shelter and geographic selection are keys. There are maps that show frost lines and water tables and they're good to study so you know where to go to create a sustainable life if everything related to "civil order" or even food and fuel supplies does happen to break down.

About 100 yards from where I live the local sailing school teaches 6 year olds how to cruise about in little El Toro sailboats while older kids learn to rocket around the harbor in the bigger Lasers. When I was a kid I learned how to move about in a kayak - the first thing we'd rent every time we went camping. It means is these kids will know how to swim (a great early lesson) and sail and if so required, they could take a boat up a river, to another port or to Hawaii.

It is on that subject - sailing to distant lands and having a boat capable of getting there - that I was compelled to debate this statement - related to a recent appleseed radio show:


I have to disagree with that;

- in part because I was raised by Navy Seals

- in part because I have lived off the grid for more than a decade

- in part because my total petro consumption last year was under 3 gallons and even that was entirely optional - I could have easily used wood, wind and solar as I did for the rest of the year

- in part because the ONLY thing I have relied on "civilization" for is coffee and a few "treat" style nick nacks from the local grocery store.

Clothing, all food and water etc. are self-generated and fairly endless.
I don't rely on a well or stream or rain.
I don't rely on good crop weather and
"storming me" or taking over my place
could be done - I supposed - if you were a Navy Seal.

Most folks are not.

Pinning me down so I was under constant fire and unable to operate
isn't an option either. Unless you bring an RPG, grenade launcher or
a good fully auto 50 caliper or bigger, plinking at me, even with
a good scope, isn't going to do you much good either.

(knock on wood)

As for guests, I can easily accommodate about 3
and up to 13, though not sustainable above 4 total.

YES - a physician (especially an orthopedic surgeon
or MASH doc) would be a bonus.

YES - companionship and laughs are a huge plus.

YES - a well stocked, good sized gun boat could pose a major problem.

YES - severe weather now and then kinda sucks, but I've dealt with it well enough

(knock on wood again)

So my formula is quite simple and anyone can do it starting with about $100 bucks:

a) get a sailboat at a lein sale - lean towards ferro cement.
The mesh blocks most EMF and the material is so tough
during WW II when popped by Japs the crews used to simply
patch the bullet holes with fresh concrete on the way
to the net mission.

It won't fracture in a catastrophic failure: it
simply "cracks" and "weeps" if hit hard enough.

I was slammed broadside by a large 2 seater Jet Ski
full throttle doing 40 and it didn't phase me
...but did wake me up a bit.

With tight defensable ports/windows and a 360 view
I could pop a barrel out any port with minimal exposure
and create a rather nasty approach for anyone.

With 2 tillers and rudders I can steer
from inside and survive a direct hit to
either rudder.

With one of them 4 feet underwater, that
would be a tough shot.

With an ability to hoist sail from down below,
while a good spray could wipe out the canvas
and a good hit take down a mast
and a row boat keep up with me in light air
none of that is really easy for an enemy... "TIGHT DEFENSABLE PORTS" above.

While many folks prefer mountains
and I do - at least compared to cities,
and some folks prefer farms,
though I think of farms as an early target
that is very tough to defend,
I remind everyone that a sailboat
can go anywhere in the world with no fuel
(except Topeka)
and be 100% self-sufficient and
under the command and control of 1 person,

A wind gen, some bearings and brushes
and solar panels that can easily last
20 years - plus a few "lenses" that can
cook almost as fast as a gas stove,
and a water maker that requires NO POWER
and is made from easily stored materials, a farm that covers 3/4 of the earth.

A lil gas or alcohol and you can run a
slightly more formal generator: a Briggs
lawnmower engine and car alternator are
about as reliable, easy to replace and
pound for pound, as good as they get.
An invertor is another big plus.
I have 6 and a 48 mile radar.

...its really really hard to beat a boat
and as mentioned - you can "start" your
acquisition and education with as little
as $100 bucks...also a very difficult feat
to beat on land.

My two cents.

I am reminded of the day
a Captain sailed away
from an island that had just erupted;
the volcano killed everyone on land.

He was the only survivor.

Even his crew literally "fried"
on deck and his wooden boat was
on fire - but he got away,
got the fire out,
and reported the news
when he arrived at another island.

Can you name the island nation
and date?

p.s. a leveraged hand press orange juice squeezer
can make a great shell loader...

p.s.s. what type of explosive ...

- can replace gun powder in nearly any pistol or rifle

- has a great flame rate (speed)

- is non-explosive and non-flammable before activating

- can be stored forever

- requires no mining or collecting, because

- it covers 2/3rd of the earth.

If you guessed hydrogen gas
made from seawater
using solar or wind power
fed into an oversized breach
you are correct.

In fact ignition can be
as simple as adding the chlorine gas
that is also produced during the
electrolysis...a bubbler is highly recommended.

I know a man who can't own a gun or buy ammo,
but he does know how to make a scrap tank barrel
that came from Iraq dance like a hot potato.

Go figure.