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Title: Illinois Instructor Corps 2017 *Updated*
Post by: Steck on June 13, 2013, 01:24:12 AM
All names in maroon are linked to that person's profile.

Regional Coordinator           
State Coordinators           
ITB (;u=4555)Chewie (;u=15503) RBKL (;u=14640)
Phoenix Man aka Clint (;u=10161)
Sundance (;u=26231)

Designated Shoot Boss      
Shoot Boss                       
Red Hat                                      
Chewie (;u=15503)
 Laredo (;u=21207)
Wurstmacher  (;u=2632)
 Tornado (;u=9927)

TheEditor (;u=68)
The Nailer (;u=14996)
Sis (;u=26140)

AK (;u=9606)
George63  (;u=6780)
Kiwimonster (;u=27122)
olefido (;u=9969)
RBKL (;u=14640)
Scattershot_Sarah (;u=26409)
Shooter30-06  (;u=7049)
 Yogi (;u=10231)

Cinco (;u=23303)
borderraid (;u=15543)
HKSig45 (;u=22514)
Keep_smilin_Txn (;u=18345)
RedFox24 (;u=5169)
shooter559 (;u=27216)
templar223 (;u=22)
Amber Waves (;u=14540)
AP (;u=31747)
Bearcub (;u=23297)
Flyr521 (;u=28923)
Hobbs (;u=18823)
Nightingale (;u=14248)
Purple Lotus (;u=26053)
Rev.357 (;u=30770)
Slappy (;u=29211)
ButterFingers (;u=29413)
Nitro (;u=31458)
Olivia (;u=14519)
SingleStack230 (;u=29018)
Bobby (;u=16320)
Doc L (;u=31310)
MP (;u=29335)
PlentyofAmmo (;u=14474) 
Uncle Larry D (;u=21562)

If not listed it is because list is updated to the end of 2017 and must have attended an event in 2016/2017
If anyone is missing from this list, please send a personal message to Chewie (;u=15508) and Laredo  (;u=21207).  Current Active total  = 47