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Title: .22 Ammo
Post by: The Old Guide on March 19, 2013, 07:47:01 PM
I found some .22 LR Remington Viper hollow point in 100 round boxes today for $9.99 a box. Bought all five boxes. I'll sell them to shooters that want them at my cost. That's ten cents a round, folks. On the way home I found 50 round boxes of Blazer .22 LR for $4 a box. I bought the last 3 boxes. That's eight cents a round.

Everybody should scrounge what they can for as long as we can. I found these in two hardware stores.

I have two shooters for Columbia, one politician and one Chiropractor. I have a loaner for the politician. ;-) Let's fill the line. I have forwarded the radio announcement to seven radio stations and am working on a few more. I want to send it to an individual so it does not end up in some spam folder, never to be aired.

In case you have not heard the radio ad, here it is:

RWVA 1.mp3

If that doesn't load, go here: