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Title: What is Patriot's Weekend?
Post by: Pain Killer on March 08, 2013, 10:58:55 AM
Massachusetts celebrates Patriot's day every year on April 18 with Church Bells, musket fire, signal fires and re-enactments of the battles of April 19, 1775. The RWVA hosts hundreds of Project Appleseed events all over the country on the weekend that coincides with Patriots Day, we call it Patriots Weekend. This year it will be held on April 20-21 and in NC we will have events in Charlotte, Elon and Ramseur. If you have never attended one of these events you should, and if you have attended, you know how special these events are and we would love to have you back. There are special courses of fire at these events as well as a memorial service to those who fell at Lexington and Concord fighting for our Liberty.

Reserve your place at one of these events today and come help us remember the sacrifices of our founding generation through our Marksmanship and our Shared Heritage.