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Title: John Fiske "The American Revolution" Two Volumes
Post by: V on December 16, 2012, 02:29:45 AM
Who ever put this up on the history section of the TIPS pages - thank you.

I liked what I read skimming the PDF's but nothing beats a good book... so off I went again to my old friends at ( to search for a good one.

Once again, just for grins, I searched for first editions signed by the author etc.

Once again, as with previous books I've talked about, it turns out you can pick them up very cheap. Which is good for me but, as I point out at events, a terrible indictment of a country which doesn't care for its heritage and culture.

The interesting things for me, when I get hold of these books, is to look at the "scars" and "life events" particular to the book and try to find out more about its provenance.

In this case the books have a small "book plate of David B. Ogden on inside front covers."

People who bought books for their personal libraries would stick such a thing on every book they bought.

Who is Davd B. Ogden and why would he have an interest in such a book?

Off to sleuth on google and wikipedia and

So people of New England, can anyone shed any light on the David B. Ogden of New England around 1890 - 1920?

History buffs may recognize the significance of the family name. The original Ogden having arrived in 1640, a latter one ( being a lawyer working on the Treaty of New York, one a governor of New York, etc, etc.

Not sure yet whether my book is from a library of one of these, or the Trustee who resigned from the Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science Publishing Trust in the 20's after some nasty infighting and what his relationship is, etc. Much interesting sleuthing ahead.

Whoever, his books ended up on the internet for $35 plus $3.95 S&H