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Title: Instructor Only KD Day, Sept 5
Post by: TN_Dadx5 on August 23, 2011, 04:05:59 PM
Hey all you Instructors in TN and nearby states, when was the last time you got in some really good KD time?  Well, the mid-TN contingent of Appleseed Volunteers are cooking up a KD Day for Appleseed Instructors only.  On September 5th (after our regular AS Sep 3-4), we're hosting a KD Day out to 600 yds.  This is open for all Appleseed Instructors, IIT0 all the way to Master Instructor,  Heck, even Fred is invited if he wants to come out here and be shown up...  ;)

The long distance range at Arnold Air Force Base in Manchester, TN is an excellent range with nice pits  :D and everything.  Our Regional Coordinator, Patrick Henry, will be instructing this and I hear that Itsansks will be helping out also.

So bring your center fire (we'll sight in at 100 yds and then get to it) and 60-100 rounds of your favorite load and get some great instruction and better face time with your fellow Instructors.  I'll be there with what my kids call "Daddy's big boom boom". 

Please email TNColonel ASAP by Aug 31 to let him know if you can make it.  You're also welcome to sit in on the regular AS event on the 3rd & 4th.