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Title: Upcoming CRPA Elections
Post by: pennys dad on July 11, 2011, 09:23:14 PM
Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed an excellent day.

I just wanted to provide a friendly reminder that the CRPA Elections are here.  Hopefully you received your copy of The Firingline in the mail recently and on the last page you found the voting page.

On the voting page there are several Calguners running for committee's and I just wanted to point them out and hope you will cast a vote for a few Calgunners.  Please remember to send it in soon; voting is only good through the end of July.

For starters I am running :-)

Look for Jacob Rascon under the Projects and Coalition section, hopefully I have done well enough as a Calgunner, Calguns Chapter Leader and Appleseeder to warrant a vote.

I would like to add a few words about myself, hopefully then followed up by my fellow Calgunners to introduce themselves and what they are running for.

Many of you know me as Pennys Dad aka Jacob Rascon, Penny is my dog, she has been with us for 5 years now and she is a valued family member.  I have been in the Information Technology industry for 20+ years, starting out in the DOS 2 days and working up over the years.  I have lead deployment and IT teams and projects, Managed a few IT departments and major projects and once owned and operated an IT company with a friend, we had fun.  I got into Calguns to find a few Range Pals and then Calguns taught me the rest with the Appleseed Project giving me a foundation to stand on.  I believe in what we Americans where given, I believe in Family, God and Country so once I learned about the violations of our rights given to us by the blood of our fore fathers, I decided it was time to stand and fight.  I am not a good speaker or a controversial person, but I am an organizer and I can lead many efforts simultaneously and above else, I believe.  I want to work within the CRPA to help bring the states leading 2a rights organization the resources and enthusiasim they need to drive our message forward and get back what we have lost.  Currently I work within Calguns and The Appleseed Project, with help from Calgunners and Appleseeders I can also assist within the CRPA.

Well folks Thank You for your time and your vote and hopefully I will see you out on the trail or a range one day.  Oh by the way, I found tons of Range Pals!

Have an Excellent Evening