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Title: To Arms! Northern Invader Plans Raid Deep Into the South !!
Post by: Cooper on May 11, 2011, 07:22:22 PM
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The Committee of Observation has discovered that a dreaded Viking Green Hat from the North plans a drive on the Missouri/Arkansas border to reconnoiter the strength and dedication of Southern Patriots.  Can they fill the lines at Fair Liberty's Call, or do they value their Freedoms too lightly to rise from the couch and muster to meet the threat?  Minnesota's instructor cadre has already raided and annexed western WI, eastern NE, ND & SD and northern IA!!  Will Missouri be the next to fall to the Viking invaders?  Bring your kit, your cartridge boxes and your rifle to Washburn, MO for the weekend of June 4-5 and help prevent another War of Northern Aggression!

Sound the alarms!  Light the signal fires!  Let churchbells ring to warn of the impending peril!  Muster your family, friends, coworkers and random bums off the street if necessary!   @@) @@) @@)   Only a full line of Southern Patriot defenders can dissuade a full Northern Viking raiding party from ravaging MO and annexing it by year's end...   >:D  :---> :D  :--- >:D

Register now for an epic event of cross-pollination for the sake of the Nation!    Heed the call to protect your women, children and drawl from a Viking horde...

Meet the dreaded "Cooper, the blunt and universally irritating," Jackie the Rifledog (the canine mascot of Minnesota and Wisconsin), and the Acton Minuteman that mysteriously follows them from 'seed to shining 'seed.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hear of Forefathers willing to bleed and die.  And your marksmanship just might improve.

INSTRUCTORS !!  sign up and stand shoulder to shoulder with your brother Kent!  Then send your email address to to receive a copy of the COF/POI.

Title: Re: To Arms! Northern Invader Plans Raid Deep Into the South !!
Post by: Cooper on May 14, 2011, 08:15:56 PM
For the sake of our Liberty, I hope that actions will far outstrip words.

In the great tradition of my alma mater, like the Vanderbilt Commode-doors I proudly acknowledge but will never accept defeat.

Sad nonetheless.