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Title: DONE! Calguns Night Shoot April 30th @ Chili Cook Off @Burro Canyon
Post by: pennys dad on April 02, 2011, 01:46:05 AM
After Event Report
Good Morning Everyone
Well the Night Shoot @ Burro was a hit.  We had 60 Calgunners Shooters, Families and Friends.  Thank you to everyone for coming and bring so many new potential Calgunners ?
We opened the line at 5pm, broke for dinner around 715pm or so and closed the line around 1030pm.  We had many families come for this event and many newcomers.  We even had 1 Calgunner who was looking and getting a feel for his first ever purchase, he was well received and I suspect got to examine many different rifles and pistols, he mention the 1911 as his choice ?
The Chili cook off also was a hit we had 8 chili entries, some excellent corn bread sides, salads and desserts.  We had tons of food, Thank You to everyone that brought food we had enough food to feed everyone twice over and provide deserts.  We had 4 judges and they voted Howie44's chili as the winner our runner up I think was TMNCALI with the chili in the white with blue rim crock pot.  We had plenty of lights and generators, Thank you to everyone that brought cables, lights and generators.
I know there are pictures so I hope they are posted soon.

Special Thank you to Our RSO's, Lead RSO Lyte she did a great job, Lyte's RSO crew Ross, Faceless Minion, Ricky-Ray, Santa9Monica and Howie44.  Special Thx to Yugo for his helpfulness.
Thank You again Mickey3Gun for your helpfulness.
I feel these events are successful because of the Volunteers and the Calgunners.  \
Thank You Everyone for your time, thoughts and efforts

Best Regards

Aka Pennys Dad

DONE!!  Calguns Night Shoot April 30th @ Chili Cook Off @Burro Canyon

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day.

Let's have a Night Shoot and eat Chili!!  We had a great Night Shoot last time and we learned a lot of cool things about shooting at night, so let's do this one better and have a lot more fun.

When:  Saturday, April 30th
Where:  Burro Canyon Shooting Park
Time:  Meet up @ 430pm and start shooting @ approximately 530pm / All shooting stops at 1045 and Clean Up Begins (ALL SHOTGUN HULLS WILL NEED TO BE CLEANED)
Who:  Well all Calgunners, New and Old, Men and Women and so on
What:  Well it s Night Shoot so we will shoot in the late evening and dark night and have a Chili Cook Off.