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Title: Gun Show
Post by: TaosGlock on February 21, 2011, 06:16:38 PM
BF and I did the 2 day Lyon's Gun Show show at the new convention center near NMSU.
This new modern building is in a great location and according to the Lyons folks it was over double the number we would get at Dickerson's Barn.
And we had a lot more people at our table getting the AS message.

Unfortunately the city did not give us a 501 C3 table or any other non-profit groups. 
Apparently even all the private tables were sold out with a wait list.
It was a good thing I reserved 2 tables last fall. Don't like to mix business with pleasure but had to put AS stuff on my table.
No biggie as the MBR's drew a pretty decent group most of the time.

The Tea Party folks were nearby and that really helped as some of them have shot with us and always spread the good word about us.
Our sign: "Ask me how I can purchase a Garand like this one" was a big hit and served to get people to ask about the program. 
It was busy and that was good.

We made an event flyer and listed all the NM shoots as well as El Paso for the year.

We saw a fair amount of former AS shooters who bought up all of my spare 22's, AR's and 308's.
Most interesting thing I saw was a Herter's revolver in the 401 Hereter Powermag.

And yes, I reserved 2 tables for the fall.
Title: Re: Gun Show
Post by: SamD on February 21, 2011, 09:17:59 PM
Did ya snap up that Powermag?
They are lots of fun.

Can do a 185 on the AQT with mine (caliber corrected)
Title: Re: Gun Show
Post by: staplegund on February 21, 2011, 09:25:21 PM
BF & TG,
Good on ya!  O0 O0  
We had 2,929 people on Sat and I haven't heard Sundays number.  It was fun 7th stepping out/about the exhibitors.  I spoke with an exhibitor from Lake Valley, NM and gave him my AS card plus your handouts for future reference.  He operates a firearms business out of his 60 Acre property, complete w/ 100y range.  He said he used to run Dona Ana range #45, btw.  I think a Lake Valley, NM AS range would be interesting;  just remote enough and historic enough to draw folks who enjoy the American outback.  
Title: Re: Gun Show
Post by: Devnull on February 21, 2011, 09:44:24 PM
Hey Sam, that's that hand cannon you brought with you to Socorro right? Boy that was a nice pistol!

TG, fantastic! I'm glad that new banner worked so well. Nothing draws them in more than a sweet garand!  O0
Title: Re: Gun Show
Post by: TaosGlock on February 21, 2011, 10:38:25 PM
Did not get the Powermag. He only wanted $450 or so and he had a 44 mag too for the same price and that was tempting.
I did trade one of my rifles for a 1989 slightly customized Colt Delta Elite in my favorite cartridge, the 10mm! With the original box!
Hafta try an AQT with it sometime.

Scott thanks for coming by and 7th stepping that guy. O0

Chris, what we used was simply a 3x5 card that BF simply printed up. It was very effective.
The flags made a great tablecloth and some folks asked about their history. There was also a copy of PR's Ride.

The location and the new digs made this an effective gunshow.