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Title: Hernando 10-30,31-10
Post by: PHenry on November 01, 2010, 07:13:54 PM
Same venue - new range and nearly all new faces. Weather was marvelous and shooters were great. This was the smallest two-day event to date at Hernando, so clearly I need to do more to get the word out.

We were on the HSC's 50 yard range for the first time ever and it worked out very well, with preset target stands. It is a bit quieter and more protected from wind. Too bad the closer position of the berms couldn't make a dent in them dat gum no see-ums - aaaaggghhhh!  It's a longer walk to the kitchen, but Tammy's food is worth it.  ^-^

We had eleven shooters on the line on Saturday and eight on Sunday. Two Riflemen were revealed - Bob, who banged the gong several times, ended up with a 234 (that's nothing to sneeze at!) and Dan brung home a fine 217. Even Bob's grandson, young Bryce nearly made it with a 196! What a trooper he is. I think young Bryce would make a great instructor.

Then there was the husband and wife team of Gene and Candy, who displayed the grit of our storied ancestors and shot very well. Phillip came back to see us and darn near made it this time. In fact, I think he had the score but someone helped him out with some extra rounds on his target - ouch! Phillip took it with his usual easy going nature and pressed on. Always a pleasure sir - hope to see u again soon.

Eric did very well - all the instructors thought he'd be getting a patch. I hope u come back again Eric - I know u can do it.

Saturday went well - a tad behind schedule, but not bad. I asked that all come at 8:AM on Sunday and all showed on time. As such, we got an early start and were able to get plenty AQTs in. We even added an experimental "shoot the storied US battle rifle of your choice" - a concept that Willorith invented. The attendees were offered a chance to shoot an authentic WW2 Garand, an M1 Carbine, and a AR15A2. Bryce went straight for the M16 and then tried the Carbine. Nothing like an ear to ear grin on a well mannered young man to put a smile on a shoot boss' face. I would like to see this new idea take roots, as all seemed to enjoy it. 22s are great, but nothing gets the blood running like a high powered rifle!  :--- :--- :---

We wrapped up a bit early on Sunday to let everyone get home to hand out candy to the kids. It was a great event all around, with much improvement in marksmanship and humbling thanks from good Americans offered to the instructors. To Dan, Rick, Bob, Bryce, Candy, Gene, Lewis, Eric, and Phillip - it truly was an honor to spend time with each of you and I hope to see you again "on the trail".

Many thanks,

Title: Re: Hernando 10-30,31-10
Post by: ewag316 on November 03, 2010, 02:04:29 PM
PHenry - I posted the following in the Florida forum earlier today before I realized there was an "After Action Reports" section....


I just wanted to thank all of our awesome instructors who did an AWESOME job at Appleseed at Hernando Sportsman Club this past weekend.  You all did a great job, not only on the technical part, but on the history as well.  It's a toss up right now which of those two parts I enjoyed more!  I can't remember any of the forum names of you guys (our instructors) other than PHenry....but you know who you are.

Thanks again guys!

And to all of the fellow shooters who were there with me, it was an honor to "serve" alongside of you for two days.

And to the two fellas who made Rifleman, congratulations again.... keep on practicing so you can keep that skill.

I was knocking on 210....close....but no cigar.  I'll be back!

Title: Re: Hernando 10-30,31-10
Post by: PHenry on November 03, 2010, 05:55:41 PM
The honor was ours sir. Spending time around people who understand what it means to be an American is food for our souls. Please help us spread the word. We have a single day event at Hernando November 20th, and a Rifleman's Boot Camp December 12-19th.

Lots of water rushing in while Appleseeds has all the buckets needed - we are sorely short on hands to help bail!  :wb:

Many thanks for coming out sir - with a little dry firing in mean time - u'll be taking home a patch at next event and I'd be prouder than a game rooster to be the one to hand it to you.  ..:.. ..:..
Title: Re: Hernando 10-30,31-10
Post by: BrownBess on November 05, 2010, 08:22:41 AM
Well Shooters and Instructors, here are 13 pictures to relive a great weekend with no see ums and shooting with lots of history to boot......hope to see you all again very soon, BrownBess
Title: Re: Hernando 10-30,31-10
Post by: ewag316 on November 06, 2010, 09:26:16 PM
Thanks for posting the pics!  Voting on Tuesday took on a much different meaning to me after spending the weekend at Appleseed....imagine that!!