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Title: The Appleseed/Homeschool Connection
Post by: ndrifleman on September 06, 2010, 11:21:20 PM
Here in ND we've had a majority of our AS attendees come from the homeschool community.  As a home educated graduate myself, I enjoy working with you all and hope that we can continue to spread the Appleseed mission across the state.

A few quick reasons off the top of my head why homeschoolers in particular should be interested in the program (actually, these reasons apply to anyone):

1. Most homeschool families already have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices our founders made to secure a free nation.  The desire to impart this to your children would naturally lead to attendance at an Appleseed clinic, where we tell the true story of April 19, 1775 with an added bonus, of course, of teaching your entire family a valuable skill!

2.  The costs are very minimal, unlike many other events make it too expensive for everyone to attend.  Mom and the kids are free, leaving only Dad to pay the $70.  This is really a great opportunity!  What's that?  Oh, the Duggars?  Sure, if they lived in our state we'd take all 19 children with parents for the same $70.

3.  Appleseed is a great way to motivate your friends to become politically active!

It's up to you to expand this program.  Let me know how you'd like to help, and, Lord willing, we'll really make a positive impact on the Peace Garden State in 2010-2011.
Title: Re: The Appleseed/Homeschool Connection
Post by: sparks1 on September 10, 2010, 09:20:29 PM
 I would think an entire family filling the line for an Appleseed would be historic. (I guess we could allow some others in also. O0)

I had the pleasure of instructing at Leeds for my first Appleseed. What a wonderful group of students. Of course I say that about all Appleseeders...BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.

Americans willing to get off the couch, learn a valuable skill and hear about their history (undistorted by academia) . Perfect.

Sign up for an Appleseed...I look forward to returning to N.D.   I could even stop by Hope to see our family's old farm place.