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Title: Help needed in Central California
Post by: BaldDragn on August 25, 2010, 05:26:39 PM
While trying to schedule new shoots I was looking at date where I might be needed so I don't double book.

Well it turns out that if I don't get some help I'm busy every weekend from now to the end of November so I think it's time to call for help.

Here are a list of under staffed shoots in CenCal and NorCal that could use a hand.

Sep 18-19     Fresno, CA           Romeo's Hero/SB
Oct 02-03     Coarsegold, CA      Romeo's Hero/SB
Oct 09-10     Eureka, CA            /SB
Oct 16-17     Mariposa, CA         Romeo's Hero/SB
Oct 23-24     Lemoore, CA          Garand56/SB
Oct 30-31     Castro Valley, CA   /SB
Nov 06-07     Fresno, CA           /SB
Dec 11-12     Eureka, CA          /SB

I'm glad to see that half of these events already have a Shoot Boss, now we need IITs that can rise to the challenge. I will need a SB for the Oct 09-10 Eureka date as I will be helping/learning to run the IBC in Sacramento. I also need a SB for Oct 30-31 because I promiced Jules a vacation during Halloween this year.