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Title: Buckingham KD day
Post by: smwwoody on July 14, 2010, 10:06:41 PM
Who is up for a 400 yard AQT?   I want to get another KD day on the schedule soon.  I will open this up to any rifleman or instructor of any level.  We can do about 12 shooters per relay and for time sake I would like to limit it to 3 relays, unless we get enough interest then we could go 2 days.  I will need at least 3 instructors to work this.  I will be one so I need 2 more.  if we go multiple relays or days instructors that are working can rotate in and shoot.  This would be a good chance to get your SI qualifier done.  Reply to this thread if your are interested in shooting or working.


Please reply to the thread in the Virginia board so I see it