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Title: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Western Rose on January 05, 2010, 11:52:47 PM
Requirements to post? You've attended an Appleseed shoot as someone under the age of 21.

First off, forget that your being called a kid... ;D

In this thread please answer as many of the following questions as you can. What did YOU expect at your first Appleseed Shoot, what did you discover (about yourself and about your country), how did you first come to Appleseed, when did you start shooting, what is your experience at Appleseed shoot/s...the list can go on but I shall stop there and you may fill in anything that I didn't cover. If your an instructor feel free to write about your experience instructing. Don't worry about length or the lack there of.

I am looking forward to reading your stories. :cool2:  

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Western Rose on January 07, 2010, 11:29:58 AM
Update: Here is an interview of my story (

   My Dad asked one of my brothers and me if we wanted to go shoot with him for a weekend. It sounded great so we both said, "YES!" It's not EVERY weekend that your Dad makes that kind of offer! I was told that we would be shooting most of the day for two days in a row and that we'd be learning some ways to shoot better. I didn't have any expectations on what that be like as I'd never been taught how to shoot by anyone but my Dad. I got a LOT more than I expected. O0
   I don't remember much of that first shoot. What I do remember is that I actually enjoyed a weekend out on the range with a bunch of people I had never met before; none of them anywhere close to my age, excepting my brother, and no other girls/women. I remember that the instructors were great and both teased and helped me a lot, not to mention making me feel right at home. I also remember hearing some history that I'd never heard before, the history of how this country that I am growing up in began. I was 12 but I can still remember that.
   At my second Appleseed, I knew a little bit more of what to expect. But, yet again, I got a lot more than I expected. I was able to retain more of the history and information that I was hearing for the second time. I got to meet more people and there was another girl on the line!! I also had rifle malfunctions. Two pieces actually broke in my .22 and I ended up shooting our "spare" rifle, one that I'd never shot before, during part of Sunday. 
   My third shoot was very much the same except that I got to meet my FIRST female Instructor and there were several girls and people my age as shooters!! Again I got to meet Instructors and shooters that I'd never met before. I also got to see Believer (from my first shoot) again. This time I was only able to shoot for one day as we had to drive back home the next. And this was the first time I'd ever gone to a shoot that was in a different state, WA, than the one I live in, Idaho.
   My fourth and last shoot, so far, as a shooter, was different in some ways than my previous three. There were no familiar faces amongst the instructors or the shooters, except for my Dad and Mom. I got to learn yet another way of using a tube-fed rifle on an Appleseed line. I got to hear the history and it stuck even more. This was also the shoot that I finally shot my Rifleman score at. I think that the only thing I did differently was that I didn't worry about what score I was shooting, taking it one shot at a time, and since I wasn't worried I was relaxed...
   Since then I have gotten on the forum and become an instructor. I have instructed at four shoots so far. Each has been unique in its own way. I had two goals before the end of 2009, 1. to be given my red hat by this guy named Earl and 2. to become a full Red Hat instructor before my 17th birthday. I managed to achieve both with the help of every Instructor in Training, Instructor, Shoot Boss, Senior Instructor, and Master Instructor from my first shoot up until now, as well as some people that I've never meet before but have "worked" with online and my family's support.
   Appleseed has become a family event for us. I do have to say that I've enjoyed every shoot as a shooter, and now I've enjoyed every shoot I've gone to as an Instructor. I was privileged to be able to hand my Mom her Rifleman badge, watch my little brother receive his Rifleman badge from my Dad, watch them both accept the orange hat of an Instructor in Training, see my only sister go from "I'm never going to go to one of those shoots" to "I can't wait to be an Instructor! I love it!" and you can't forget that she ACED Stage 2 of the AQT (!!) and hear my oldest brother say, "Dang... I'd better get with the program..." when he heard how much fun we are having. And for any of you who are wondering, yes, I am homeschooled.
To everyone from the newest IIT to the oldest MI, thank you. Specifically, I'd like to thank a few of people who have really helped me: my family, SavageShootr, Believer, Earl, Hawkhavn, PaRah, RL, tdow, Wheeler44, OLD GEEZER, Deu1118, Cedarpole, Ishy, Goldfish, Johnny, panhead, Nurse Ratchett, Clodhopper, BEEMER, Boba Fett, MeanStreaker, LayloPro, Funfaler, PHenry, the whole Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington Instructor Corps, and many, many, many more. You all have encouraged and inspired me... Helped me learn and grow... All more than you will ever know... I will never forget that and I know that I will never be able to thank you enough.

"Actually, I don't like writing at all, but saving America is too great a cause to not participate in because of excuses." ~ GoldFish :cool2:
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Fred on January 07, 2010, 12:04:32 PM

      That's a great story, but actually, Western Rose is WAY too modest.

     Why, just in the first shoot she was at (the one I was at), she learned a technique of using "shade" to cure "dragging wood". Maybe she'd like to share that with us.

     She was also asked to help some burly guys from AZ figure out why they came so many miles to Idaho, dragging those big clunker battle rifles with them. Even I never heard how that story turned out. Sure would like to know. Care to help us out, WR? (Technically, this would have been your first instructional experience, no? :) )

     Not last, I seem to remember when we did the long-range stuff, WR was there with that .22 rimfire - did you make it all the way out to 300 yards? Weren't you still in charge of the "battle rifle boys of AZ"? And weren't you still outshooting them - at 300 yards - with your .22 rimfire?
Title: A PS:
Post by: Fred on January 07, 2010, 12:09:27 PM

      Now, thinking on it, I remember you being singled out at the benediction and being asked to "step forward" for special recognition - but for the life of me (gettin old!) I can't remember "what for".

       Can you also enlighten us on that point? ^:)^
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: GunslingerGirl on January 07, 2010, 12:44:59 PM
     Oh, this is going to be another CRAZY LONG story, like Leslie's... Well, first of all, I'm Becky, I'm 17 at the moment, and my dad, my sister, and I all love the Appleseed program.
     My first Appleseed was the July 3-4th one at Castle Rock. I had heard about the program from my dad (actineon) as he was looking for something to help my sister's aim as she was going to join ROTC the following year. He said that the program was for teaching everyone, even random people like me, and that I could probably improve my aim as well. (Also, it was free for me :)) I hunt a lot as well, and I decided to go hoping that it could help me improve.
     I live in Spokane, so Castle Rock is about a 6 hour drive from my house  :o. We left the day before the 34rd, hoping to get to the hotel at a reasonable time so we could get some sleep. We got there very very late that night, I believe sometime around 12:30, and went straight to bed. Luckily, I did not imagine how taxing the next day would be.
     I remember a lot of things about that shoot, most of them good. I remember it was very very hot, mostly. But also, I remember random little things-- I was up on a small hill and had a lot of fun running down it XD I remember getting branded in the arm, my sister getting hit in the face with another empty cartridge, shooting at the star was really fun, and so on... Believe it or not, I really love my little cardridge scar. It's in the exact shape of one, and I can show it off to everyone now  8)
     I was semi close to rifleman, getting scores in the 190s, but never made it. I was so dissapointed, and my family and I made a bet to see who could get rifleman first. I had the top score, my dad was in a close second, and my sister Ruthie was a close third.
     We went again to a shoot in Garfield. It was much closer, and I was able to get a family friend to come. I was only able to go for one day, but it was still fun. I have to admit, my second shoot was a lot of fun, too, just because of how I already knew what was going to happen. I also was able to appreciate the history better, as I wasn't so tired I was close to collapsing O.o
     I got a 208 as my highest score, but by accident I was given a patch. It's okay, it just made me want all the more to get it! My dad was making fun of me because I almost got a bucket of water on my head (from almost getting a 210... o3o)
     Then my thrid shoot was in Cour D'Alene. THAT was the shoot that I finally made rifleman. My sister Ruthie, unfortunately, was in college then and couldn't go, but my dad and I made rifleman on I think almost the same line of fire! So much for completing... Then hawkhaven asked my dad and I if we wanted to become instructors! I was excited. I didn't know that we could XD. My dad and I both signed up, and it was a blast.
     It's hard work, but I love what I learn from this program. I can help America by teaching begginers how to shoot, while I also learn more about a safe rifle, more about teaching, making new friends and aquaintances, about making speaches in front of a group of people (which is much harder that it looks...) and more about our country's history. That has been my experience with the Appleseed program. Oh, and here's an Indiana Jones smiley for your enjoyment.  ~~:)

Thanks for reading that... See you at the next shoot!

Becky  ^:)^
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Guy on January 07, 2010, 03:14:00 PM
Well, I for one remember Fred talking about "Leslie, Girl Queen of the West" prior to (and after, and during, and whenever he can) and having you walk away with those big boys admonishing them to do well so you didn't look bad in front of Fred.

One of his favorite stories....

We are truely blessed here at Appleseed, where you can travel to any state and already have friends waiting, even if you have never met them before.

Thanks Fred!


BTW, Seeing a youth "get it" is just so much more rewarding than anything else.  My first instructional experience was with a 5 year old named Lucas after my first RBC.  Or working with Johnny in KY, or even Wetfoot in IL.  Seing them get better and turn from kids to young adults before my eyes is awe inspiring indeed.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Butt Stock on January 17, 2010, 01:28:57 AM
Hey sorry I have not had time to wright this till now.

I remember my first Appleseed it was in Aug. at Gibsonburg the temperature. was very hot. I did not make my rifleman till 4 or 5 Appleseed. The first Appleseed I went to I have to say I was a person that thought I knew it all but I did not. I look back and I see I should have. I would be a lot better at shooting but I got to say no one can just pick up a rifle and shoot a 210 or higher on a AQT there first time.

I remembered the week of the shoot I was saying I was goanna go there and get my patch. But when I got there I realised that I was wrong and it took a lot more then just saying. It takes doing it too and showing you want it. The day of the shoot i got up early and all even tho I live 10 mins. away I don't know why but I did. When I got at the range I met a couple people the first one was Posterboy then it was Slim and the rest of the crew that was working the shoot.

Posterboy when I called him for the first time to say that I wanted to shoot in the appleseed he asked my age and I told him he said "cool that i was more then welcome to come". We talked for a little bit longer and all he got to know me more and asked me how long I have been shooting. Then I acutely meet him at the shoot and he greeted me and my step dad with a look on his face that was so nice for once too see. He got me all set up on the line and ready to shoot.

Slim I met him for the first time ever at the shoot I shook his hand and he asked a few questions about me and what I do in my spare time. I don't remember what I told him but we talked for a while and got to know me more. Then while the first day went by he keep a eye on me and he was seeing what I would do wrong or what i was doing right. It was funny he did not get on me to do it right for some reason he knew I was coming back I guess. But he just got Dinky Dao on me but that was not till the second day.

I had a lot of fun at my first shoot but the second one I remember too but I am saving that for when I am around the camp fire to tell. But I will tell a couple things I meant more people that I liked and I seen Posterboy, Slim, and Dinky Dao there.

I finely got my rifleman at my 5 appleseed. that was with halkhaven as the shoot boss because Dinky could not make it but I remember that it was the first day. I got it was time and all I knew every thing and I could do it i just had to put it together and I did. It was late in the day and I wanted to get it graded so I gave it to one of the red hats that were there and I scored a 208 and halkhaven and slim looked at it and they found more points and I finely came up with a score of 214. When I heard that I was so happy.

I went to a RBC in October this year. We had a lot of fun I meet a couple new people they all taught me some thing new on top of what I knew witch was good. I got a couple new nick names (butt butt, jr.) on top of the few I had already. I got to shoot long distance that was new to me and I liked it a lot. on the way back home I got told I was probably the best on the long range and I like hearing that I don't know why they did not tell me that at the shoot.

Well that is it.
Thanks for reading it.

                                                Butt Stock (jr.)
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: GoldFish on January 18, 2010, 06:07:45 PM
Sorry it's taken me so long to post, but here is                  
                                                                         "My Appleseed Trail"
 My Appleseed experienced started in Athens, OH when our good friends the Richardsons ( RedNekEngr, Ishy, Green Light, Little Bit) invited my family and I to a rifle shoot with them.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect at this rifle shoot and knew next to nothing about it.  However, I love shooting, so I said I would go, and I have never regretted taking that first step.  
   At that first AS, I fell in love with all of the people there, both instructors and fellow shooters.  I discovered that this amazing group of people had a drive and passion for changing our nation in addition to teaching individuals rifle marksmanship.  I wanted this drive and passion too.  I began that drive and passion during the weekend of my first Appleseed.  While I came woefully short of a Rifleman score, (most of my AQT's scored in double digits) I realized that shooting is only a part of Appleseed; as many of you know, early American History is the other major part of these events.  The riveting stories told about the American Revolution captivated me, even though some of them I had already heard.  The ones I hadn't heard fascinated me even more and made me want to come back.  
   I got that chance to go to another Appleseed shoot when some of my family and I went back in September of 2009.  This shoot turned out to be extra special because Ohio's two top coordinators were instructing: Dinky Dao and Mean Streaker.8)  Though this instructor lineup was difficult to beat, it was added to by THE GUY from Illinois!!!  I listened to the history again, and it enthralled me once more.  In addition to the history presented by the instructors, 3 of my good friends, Sukie Dear, Haley, and Ishy also gave speeches on several heroes and aspects of the Revolution.  
   On the very last AQT shot at this particular Appleseed, I scored high enough to receive my Rifleman's patch, and so did my dad.  This feeling is known by many of you that have achieved Rifleman as well.  Shortly after my dad and I had been handed our patches, the Guy summed up this amazing weekend with this quote: "I've been to a lot of Appleseeds, 50 or 60 maybe, but I have to say this one ranks in my top 5."  WOW!  This weekend truly changed my life and signified the beginning of something great.  
   My third and last Appleseed (so far ?) began at the same range in Athens, OH on October 31 on a very rainy, windy, and cold Saturday morning.  The Guy came back to instruct and this time to be Shoot Boss! 8)  I didn't shoot that much this whole Appleseed because before the shooting began, I received my orange hat from Slim.  Since it was raining so hard on Saturday morning, the Guy decided to set up a "dry-firing line" under the overhang, while the young IIT's, of which I was now a member of, went inside the clubhouse to conduct a mini-IBC (instructor boot camp) that lasted most of Saturday.  Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day despite the soggy day prior to it.  Of the shooters who participated at this event, my best friend Josiah Sifford, his dad Bob, my 19-year old sister, Cristina, and several others shot a score high enough to obtain Rifleman patches of their own.  
   What a weekend!  This was my first and only Appleseed as an IIT, but it will not be my final shoot by any stretch of the imagination.  Part of the reason I accepted the orange hat is because I believe that the Lord has started me on this trail as an IIT for a purpose.  While I do not comprehend all of the reasons for God placing me on this path, I am resolved to continue on it until He calls me away...hopefully that won't be anytime soon! ?  Through it all, I want to continue following the Lord Jesus Christ's direction to help effectively walk down this trail, as a Rifleman 4 Him! ;)                      
   So, this brings you up to speed on where I am on my Appleseed Trial.  The next step for me is an IBC in Athens on February 13-15.  After that, the real fun? (and work?) begins as the Appleseed season kicks off!

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: ndrifleman on January 18, 2010, 11:19:43 PM
My Appleseed trail began in the winter of 2006.  Deer season had just ended here in northern North Dakota and I was kicking myself for having missed an impressive buck walking past me only 50 yards away.  I googled "rifle marksmanship" and came up with, and the information he had posted about the six steps of firing the shot and some basic hints and tips.  From there I learned about the Appleseed program, which at the time was yet in its infancy.  Just after the New Year, I recieved Fred's Guide to Being a Rifleman in the mail with a selection of AQTs and Greencoat targets and immediately started dry firing like crazy.  It happened to be 20 below outside but I went out anyway and shot my first AQT and didn't even qualify. 

From there I just kept learning from the manual and tracking my scores, using a piece of old army paratrooper cord for an improvised sling.  It wasn't until May of 2009 that I attended my first shoot (it was the first one ever in North Dakota, hosted by a friend of mine).  I shot a 216 in the morning of the second day and I was allowed to start calling the line and working as an RSO. 

From there it's pretty much history. I took the 7th step and became an orange hat instructor.  I instructed at two more shoots in 2009 and really enjoyed it.  Now I'm working to schedule as many shoot as we can get going for 2010, including an RBC at a local High Power Range.  My brother also took up the Appleseed trail so we're going at it together. 

Just for your information, I'm 18 years old and my brother, "banjoman," is 15.  Homeschooled, as I presume some of the above commenters are.

Hope to see ya'll "out there!"
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Evenstar on January 20, 2010, 12:15:18 PM
    After much cajoling (I'm kind of shy) from my sister (Western Rose), I guess it's my turn to write about my experience at Appleseed.
    I am 14 at the moment, and a homeschooler. Ever since I was little I liked to go out and shoot both rifles and handguns with my dad. But when Dad and my sis first got involved with Appleseed, I wasn't really interested. In fact, I was adamant that I wasn't going to 'just go to a range for two days and shoot'. Even when they became IITs and Dad was set up as the Idaho State Coordinator, I held to that.
    It all started at the Lewiston, ID August 15-16, 2009 shoot. My mom and brother were shooting at that one, and my sister and dad were instructing. I would normally go spend the weekend at a friend's house, but this time Dad said that I was going and I was to bring the camera (I'm an 'aspiring photographer'  ^-^ ). I went, reluctantly, prepared to sit around being bored, snapping pictures.
    I met Fred and Earl at that shoot. For the second half of Sunday, Fred gave me a waiver to coach some of the shooters, which, I admitted later, was much more fun than sitting around the rest of the day. Both Fred and Earl tried to get me to call the line, but I wasn't interested.
    But it was the Coeur d'Alene, ID September 12-13, 2009 shoot that really made me decide to get involved with Appleseed. I wasn't going to go to it, except that I came down with that awful swine flu and couldn't go to my friend's house. So at that shoot I met Hawkhavn, Todd, Pah Ra, and RL. (Remind me, guys, if I'm missing someone.) Though they were shooters at the time, I met GunslingerGirl and actineon there. (That was the weekend they both earned the patch and accepted orange hats.)
    I was given permission to coach both days, and I really enjoyed it. The instructors recruited me as the 'official photographer', and I really enjoyed that job. By the end of Sunday, I had completely changed my mind. I was bound and determined to shoot my Rifleman score and become and IIT. I still can't quite figure out what made me change my mind. Possibly it was how much I had enjoyed helping a new shooter become familiar with her rifle and coaching her throughout the first day. I know that I really liked watching the other kids my age enjoying themselves and shooting great scores. I'll probably never really be able to explain it.
    So my latest Appleseed, one that I actually attended as a shooter, was the Lewiston, ID November 28-29, 2009 shoot. I remember it was incredibly cold. It was hard to get into the positions while wearing at least five layers of clothing. New instructors there were XOR, actineon, and GunslingerGirl. Todd, Pah Ra, my sis, and my dad were also there. I might add that all of them were super nice and very helpful. (Thanks for the 'thumb trick' XOR!  O0 ) Though I haven't achieved my Rifleman score, I surprised myself by acing stage 2 of the AQT.
    My next shoot is going to be in Lewiston, ID, the first week of April. I hope to get my Riflemen score there (dry-fire, dry-fire, dry-fire  &) ) and then go on to be an IIT. I really want to instruct at the April 19th weekend shoot in Coeur d'Alene, and join the rest of the four members of my family who are already Instructors or IITs.
    So there's my story, so far, of my experience at Appleseed. Thanks to those of you out there who took the time to read it.  ;)
    Hope to see y'all on the line some day!

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Lyberty on January 20, 2010, 03:55:49 PM
Well my story started several years ago when my dad (RedNekEngr) was teaching my brother (Green Light) how to handle a shotgun. :---  After several unsuccessful hunts, Dad decided to clean his guns.  Well, every little kid loves to 'help Daddy' clean the guns, so I started to 'help.'  That's when something happened (I can't remember what) and Dad cut his finger badly.  Well that scared me so much that I hated guns/rifles/handguns or anything that had the power to shoot stuff. !@#) When one of our friends (Wildcat) asked us to attend an Appleseed, I quickly said 'no' and said that I would babysat my younger siblings.  Saturday night when they (Dad, Mom, Little Bit, Wildcat, and his wife) all came back, they were saying how much fun they were having and how much they loved the instructors (Guy, Slim, and someone else I forget! sorry!)  They all begged me to come to the next event.  Though I wouldn't admit it to their faces, I was beginning to get interested, but still against it. ::)  It was Sunday that really got me to thinking.  The tee shirts.  I LOVED the tee shirts! ^:)^  Silly, I know, but I told myself "just go once so you can get a tee shirts!"  So, the second AS in Athens, me and my older sister (Ishy) attended the AS.  Dad, had given me some pre-AS instruction, sling tips, and showed me the basics of how to operate a rifle.  WE BOTH FELL IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING!  I didn't shoot rifleman, but I was shooting 170's.  (not bad!)  I attended a Gibsonburg shoot, hoping to get my patch.  I was closer, but not quite there. :'(  My family loved AS, so we started telling friends about it.  One of my deaf friends decided to attend the next Athens shoot.  At this time, I was learning sign language, so I was hoping that at my next AS (in Miamisburg), I would shoot rifleman, receive my orange hat, and be able to instruct/interpret at the next Athens event.  So, in Miamisburg, I shot a rifleman score of 227 on Sunday afternoon, just two AQT's from ending.  I have now instructed three AS and many new riflemen (and women!).  I'm hoping to continue to outshoot Slim at each event (yep, Mr. Red Hat, the Fiji water deal still stands! LOL) ..:.. O0 ..:.. O0 ..:..
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Niko on January 21, 2010, 12:40:53 AM
I found out about the Appleseed through my Dad.  I didn't really know what it was at first, my Dad told me it was a shooting course.  I like shooting and hunting, so I asked my Dad if he would sign me up for it.  He said he would and I was really excited.  I told my friend Landon about it because he also likes to hunt and shoot.  Landon then called up my Dad and asked how you sign up for it.  My Dad told Landon how to sign up and he did.  Of course my eight year old brother likes to do everything I do, so he asked my Dad if he could go too.  Dad signed him up so brother went also.  My brother also did not have a .22 but my dad had an old one that was his grandfather's gun.
On my first day of the shoot I didn't do so well, neither did Landon or my brother.  Towards the end of the day I was doing better, I was using the skills taught to me and I was shooting better groups.  The next day I was doing great until my firing pin broke.  One of the instructors had an extra rifle and loaned it to me.   The thing I really liked about that gun was the sights.  The sights were similar to the ones used on the M-16.  My dad also liked the sights and first chance he got, he ordered some.  The end of the second day I shot a rifleman's score but, but I was using sandbags and Mr. Damewood said it was good shooting, but it did not count.  Mr. Damewood told me to keep practicing and come back for the next Appleseed shoot. 
I heard there was another Apple seed coming up so I asked Dad to sign me up again.  I had saved up for a new Marlin 795 and those military sights.  Which I bought a couple of days before the shoot.  This time I spent the first day sighting and getting comfortable with the rifle.  The second day I was shooting well and scored a 233, but again I used the sandbags in the prone position.  Mr. Damewood told my Dad to take away the sandbags because I was ready to shoot like a real man.  First time I shot without the sandbags I got a 183, but my Dad told me to stay focus, watch my breathing and squeeze the trigger.  The instructors came around to make sure I was doing well and on the last shot of the day, I didn't think I got rifleman.  My Dad added my scores up and told me that I didn't make it.  He gave the target to Mr. Damewood and a little while later Mr. Damewood told everyone that I had shot Rifleman.  My Dad was playing a trick on me, but I was really happy.  Mr. Damewood gave me my Rifleman patch and an orange hat.  So now I can help with the shooting matches.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: SamD on January 21, 2010, 01:10:23 AM
Don't let him fool ya.
Real men use sandbags too sometimes.

Niko knows very much what he is about.

I'm be proud to have him on the range with me any day.

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Still Learnin on January 25, 2010, 05:23:07 PM
My Appleseed Trail
By Patrick (Still Learnin’)

I’m a 12 year-old homeschooler.

Dad (Reformed Redneck), Mom (Tru Tenacity), and my sister (Western Rose) convinced me to go to my first Appleseed shoot. I thought it would be boring so I didn’t want to go at first.
   At my first Appleseed, Lewiston Aug. 15-16, I had a lot of fun. It wasn’t boring at all! In fact, it was really exciting! I was shooting 4 MOA or less by the end of the shoot, but I didn’t make Rifleman because I got flustered when the clock was ticking and I didn’t concentrate. It was defiantly a fire hose of information coming at me all day long.
   I meet Earl and Fred. Earl was really cool and especially helpful. He explains things better than most people. Fred threatened to hit us with a clown bat. But he was nice most of the time. I really liked Dad’s Dangerous Old Men stories. When my sister helped me, what she said was helpful. She was on the other side of the line most of the time though.
   At my second shoot, Sept 12-13, I meet Hawkhavn, RL, tdow, and Pa Rah. I had a tough time at the beginning because I got frustrated since I shot better at my first Appleseed. 196 was my “high” score of the weekend. It was really fun to see Earl again. My sister didn’t have a chance to hit me over the head with a clown bat. I’m sure she wanted to. Pa Rah is really nice and helpful. Hawkhavn was a great Shoot Boss and he had an amazing Course of Fire. RL’s presentation of Inches, Minute, Clicks was helpful. I really liked tdow’s history! I liked WR’s safety rules presentation. It was really good.
   My third shoot, Nov. 28-29, was my last shoot as a shooter so far. I got to meet XOR, actineon, and GunslingerGirl. I was really frustrated a few times through out the day until Leslie brought me my target that said 202. Later that day I shot a 208 and then a 216. I got my Rifleman patch from Dad and my orange hat from Pa Rah. I really liked tdow’s history again. GunslingerGirl did a great job reminding us of our Steady Hold Factors. XOR and actineon’s voices are really good for calling the line.

I am looking forward to my first Appleseed as an Instructor in Training.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: willorith on January 25, 2010, 09:49:34 PM
What a remarkable family. I have been continually astonished by the extraordinary posts of Western Rose. Now this delightful young man. Something seriously good is happening in Idaho. We have some work in front of us in Florida to keep up with the Idaho crew.

Through your hard work, Patrick, you have achieved a very high level of skill in riflery. Now you press on to begin transferring that knowledge and skill to others. I know that there are dozens or even hundreds of Appleseed families across the country duplicating the efforts of your family. Imagine the huge effect those families will have on this country as the young people mature into citizens that take their responsibilities seriously, very seriously. You will not casually discount the sacrifice made by Captain Isaac Davis. It will burn in your heart throughout your life. A beacon guiding you on the path of freedom.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Earl on January 26, 2010, 10:29:54 AM
Thank you, Patrick for your write up, I have always liked reading great things about myself. You are very sharing, and you have mentioned well all those that have helped you along this Appleseed trail. I expect great things of you for our country and future, and I will be proud to work the line with you anywhere any time.

And I do apologize for seemingly being too old to post here, but my soul is still young in Eternity, so maybe Western Rose will forgive me.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Ishy on February 05, 2010, 07:19:36 PM
Hello, I'm Ishy.  I'm 18 years old (as of December 2010  :) ) and I live in Ohio near Athens.  My Appleseed trail began in June 2009 year when my family finally convinced me to attend a shoot.  Until I actually went to the Appleseed, I didn't think shooting was "my thing."  But it turned out that I really enjoyed shooting my 10/22.   :~
I have to shoot a little differently than most folks because I have a hip disarticulation (an amputation of my entire leg).  In the standing position I prop up my right hip with my crutch, in sitting I prop my left knee with a sandbag (where my right foot would normally support), and in prone I just lie on my stomach as normal.    :)  Despite my "challenges," I managed to score rifleman at my first Appleseed with an AQT score of 211.  I attended one more Appleseed in Miamisburg in August 2009 before accepting the orange hat in Athens in September.  
In September, 2010 at the glorious Waterman 300 'seed, I was given the red hat by The Guy.  What an honor....   ;)

The Appleseed Trail has been a wonderful experience for me as an amputee as well as my entire family.  It's difficult to find an activity in which all eight of us can participate.  We enjoy learning about our heritage and "spreading the seed" to our fellow citizens.   O0  I didn't know so many homeschoolers were involved in Appleseed!  I am blessed to be educated at home as well.  I hope to meet you "unsocialized homeschoolers" on the trail sometime.   ;)
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Fred on February 05, 2010, 10:40:36 PM

   Great story, Ishy! I, too, hope to meet you on the Appleseed Trail one of these days.

    By then, you'll prob be a Red Hat at least - if not a Shoot Boss! :)

    Earl, I like that pic of you and RR's family, minus the parents - it's a great pic!

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Whootsinator on February 05, 2010, 11:55:28 PM
I also fall under the '21 and below' category. I've wanted to attend an Appleseed for a very long time, but I still have not been able to do so. When I have the funds to afford it, I can't fit it into my schedule, and when I can fit it into my schedule, I can't afford it. Maybe I'll manage to get to one this year... Only two scheduled that I will have any chance to make so far this year.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Another D.O.M. on February 06, 2010, 11:16:58 AM
I also fall under the '21 and below' category. I've wanted to attend an Appleseed for a very long time, but I still have not been able to do so. When I have the funds to afford it, I can't fit it into my schedule, and when I can fit it into my schedule, I can't afford it. Maybe I'll manage to get to one this year... Only two scheduled that I will have any chance to make so far this year.

     What do you need to be able to attend?  Since you're under 21 your admission is free, so that shouldn't be a problem.  Typically there are plenty of loaner rifles made available by the instructors at shoots.  Shooting mats, pads, slings, etc. can be made available as well.  That leaves ammo, range fees (if any), food and travel expenses.

     You let your state coordinator and myself know which event you wish to attend and what resources you will need to do so and between the lot of us we'll make it happen.  Appleseed shouldn't be about money, IMO - like Paul Revere, we know how to get things accomplished!

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Whootsinator on February 06, 2010, 02:05:51 PM
I also fall under the '21 and below' category. I've wanted to attend an Appleseed for a very long time, but I still have not been able to do so. When I have the funds to afford it, I can't fit it into my schedule, and when I can fit it into my schedule, I can't afford it. Maybe I'll manage to get to one this year... Only two scheduled that I will have any chance to make so far this year.

     What do you need to be able to attend?  Since you're under 21 your admission is free, so that shouldn't be a problem.  Typically there are plenty of loaner rifles made available by the instructors at shoots.  Shooting mats, pads, slings, etc. can be made available as well.  That leaves ammo, range fees (if any), food and travel expenses.

     You let your state coordinator and myself know which event you wish to attend and what resources you will need to do so and between the lot of us we'll make it happen.  Appleseed shouldn't be about money, IMO - like Paul Revere, we know how to get things accomplished!


I should have said 'We' can't always afford it when scheduling will work. I know I'm free, but somebody has to bring me along. Money isn't as big a problem as scheduling though. My stepdad has an interesting schedule, working on Sundays and having Friday/Saturday off. I assume your legal guardian has to be there to sign a waiver or some paperwork for minors? I can gather the equipment. I don't have a .22 rifle I'd trust to perform as I would require, but everyone has a .22, I can borrow one from a neighbor if needed.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: GoldFish on February 06, 2010, 08:56:24 PM
Yet another great AS trail story, this time by ISHY!!!  You do inspire me, especially at shoots, even though you did shoot rifleman BEFORE I did.  Oh well, just can't beat you in everything all the time.   ;D*LOL* ;D  (just joking)  Seriously though, your circumstances and how you've responded and come through them is something that I greatly respect and have also influenced certain areas of my own life.  Amazing work! ..:..      

C'mon Fred, it's not just me who wants you to come, EVERYBODY in Athens wants you here this upcoming weekend/IBC.  

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: gunville on February 07, 2010, 05:16:17 PM

You kids have some forums and stuff with other homeschoolers - make sure they know about Appleseed!

This is a great thread!
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Ishy on February 07, 2010, 08:09:03 PM
Yet another great AS trail story, this time by ISHY!!!  You do inspire me, especially at shoots, even though you did shoot rifleman BEFORE I did.  Oh well, just can't beat you in everything all the time.   ;D*LOL* ;D  (just joking)  Seriously though, your circumstances and how you've responded and come through them is something that I greatly respect and have also influenced certain areas of my own life.  Amazing work! ..:..      

C'mon Fred, it's not just me who wants you to come, EVERYBODY in Athens wants you here this upcoming weekend/IBC.  


Aww, thanks, bro.   ;)

Yes, Fred, PLEASE COME!!!

  Great story, Ishy! I, too, hope to meet you on the Appleseed Trail one of these days.
   By then, you'll prob be a Red Hat at least - if not a Shoot Boss! :)
   Earl, I like that pic of you and RR's family, minus the parents - it's a great pic!

Fred, Ishy's going to that IBC that GoldFishGunr invited you to. You could met her BEFORE she's a Red Hat (@)), which'll be pretty soon I'm thinking. (O0)

For everyone who doesn't know Earl.. He is NOT as grumpy as he looks in that picture. :o Honest! You should met him some day. He'll probably have you laughing and grinning your head off within minutes of your meeting. O0 Note to self... First weekend of April, we'll have to get a picture of all of the instructors and then Earl'll have a picture of him with ALL of RR's family with more than half of them wearing orange. :D

Thanks, WR!  I hope our "Appleseed Trails" cross someday!   ;)  May the Lord bless you.  I hope to meet Evenstar too!   :cool2:  And all you other cool people out west.   8)

To read my story of how cancer took my leg and how my life has been changed as a result, visit  Thanks.   ;)

Thanks to all of you wonderful Appleseeders who got me on board.  

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Whootsinator on February 07, 2010, 10:43:31 PM
If any of you guys have any sort of trouble making an event, just say so. Yesterday I received MANY PMs from people offering assistance because I was having difficulties making things line up. Very helpful bunch here.  :)
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Evenstar on April 07, 2010, 12:20:36 AM
I've done it. I'm a Rifleman. (Woman, whatever.) :D This last weekend I attended my second AS shoot as a shooter (Lewiston, Idaho 3rd-4th). On Saturday we had some crazy 'normal' Idaho Spring weather consisting of hail, snow, rain, wind, sunshine, etc. #) We got to shoot two AQTs on Saturday, and I made my first Rifleman score of 216 and received the patch. I accepted the orange hat as well, which I had been planing to take on ever since I got started with Appleseed last year (see my first post on this thread). I wanted to help on the line on Sunday, but wasn't allowed to since I had to get an entire second shoot under my belt first. So I shot Sunday too, and am now happily a very solid Rifleman. In all I made 8 Rifleman scores over the weekend, my high being 230. (Never got a 210, thank goodness.) **)
I might also mention that Earl is a great shoot boss, and we want him back. :)
Now I'm headed for the April 17th-18th CdA, ID shoot, and I'm very excited to be starting my 'new trail'. Back to coaching!  &)
Like I said in my first post, I was not interested AT ALL with getting involved with the program. It's just amazing to me that I've gone from that to an orange hat and admin work in such a short time.
There are so many people I have to thank for their encouragement, and I'm going to try to list them. A BIG thank you to Fred, Riflewoman, Guy, SavageShootr, Nurse Ratchett, GoldFish, Ishy, Lyberty, Earl, Hawkhavn, Pa Rah, RL, XOR, GunslingerGirl, actineon, tdow, Western Rose, Reformed Redneck, Tru Tenacity, Still Learnin', patronus of licentia, Deu1118, Cedarpole, eert, Roland, Leftey, Theophilus, Joni, The Kid, POP, Boba Fett, Phenry, and so many more.

You've all been very supportive, and I thank you.

Hope to meet some of you 'kids' down the road.  :cool2:

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: AZstopwatch on April 19, 2010, 11:31:27 AM
i am 10 and have a personal best on an aqt of 125. i want the orange hat sooooooo bad and i  will make sure i get it by the end of the year. even though i cant get a red hat until im 18 i want to be an instructor in training.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: banjoman on May 14, 2010, 11:04:15 PM
The banjoman story has a rather odd beginning... First of all, this is actually NDrifleman writing this post with my brother's account, primarily because it was myself who was accidentally responsible for Peter's becoming an IIT.

After attending our first shoot in late May of 2009 where both of us scored Rifleman, I (NDrifleman) decided I wanted to become an instructor.  I had not made the decision to take up the Appleseed trail at the shoot itself, so a week or two later I decided to start the process by joining this online forum.

Now you have to understand something:  I, NDrifleman, play the five string banjo. It is the instrument closest to my heart, and nobody else in my family plays it.  Naturally, I decided to call myself "banjoman," and created my own account with that username.  

A week passed.  My account had still not been activated.  I began to doubt whether I had actually clicked the correct button to submit my information.  These doubts overcame my misgivings and I created another account, this one under the username of "NDrifleman."  That evening, both accounts were activated and here I was with two separate identities on the Appleseed forum.

Then things became more interesting.  I posted on two different sections of the forum mentioning that I wanted to become an IIT.  One post was under my first account and the other post was under the second. Our state coordinator naturally thought that one person was myself, and the "other person" was another individual.  So I began to get emails to both accounts telling me what to do, and even after I clarified the situation, apparently the notice went unheeded because both of my identities were still treated as separate individuals.

The account that was most clearly identified with myself ended up being NDrifleman, and I offered the "banjoman" account to my brother, with the understanding that this would mean he was going to take up the Appleseed trail himself and get his orange hat.  He agreed, and by the providence of God has enjoyed it ever since!  We have together instructed at three shoots so far, and will be attending an RBC in July.

So there you have it!

NDrifleman, standing in for the 16 year old banjoman who does not play banjo
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Fred on May 15, 2010, 12:44:07 AM

   The funniest thing is these two guys prob still think it wasn't all planned out by the high honchos in AS!

     **)  **)     ^:)^     
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: NC-17 on May 17, 2010, 07:59:23 PM
Well my story starts in a small town in West Virginia. My dad (siglite) and mom (bbkf) decide to make me tag along to this shooting program way out in the middle of nowhere. I'm only 13 and their dragging me out of bed at 5:45 AM on a saturday. I figure since I get to shoot the whole day I might as well go. When we arrive we can tell the weather is going to be miserable! It had rained the night before and the high was to be in the 90's. I'm there thinking 'oh I know how to shoot, I'll prove it on the first AQT!'....."SEIZE FIRE SEIZE FIRE SEIZE FIRE, UNLOAD AND CLEAR. shooters you may proceed down range and retrieve your targets.".....  :o It looked like I opened up on it with a twelve gauge with bird-shot. I think my score was 65 or lower... :'( (My Ego was shot DOWN) No luck that weekend. Oh well... It took me six AS's to finally get my patch. I wanted to be an IIT as well and took the hat. My next shoot will be in Stinson WV on May 29-31. My dad will be trying to get his red hat as my mother and I instruct!     See you on the trail!!!
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Leftey on May 22, 2010, 08:52:52 PM
When I was 11 years old  my dad (tdow)asked me if I wanted to go shooting for the weekend and at that time I didn't even know what an Appleseed was! I went and I wanted to keep learning how to shoot and to become an IIT like my dad. I did my first appleseed in Lewiston, ID then I did one in Garfield, WA I did another one in Lewiston then one in CoerDalene and my last one in Lewiston where I got rifleman. After the first three I got a little discouraged but I still wanted my orange hat so I kept going. The rifle I used in four appleseeds wasn't very accurate so at my fifth appleseed I used Gunslinger Girl's rifle and I think it was the fourth or sixth  AQT of the day when I got rifleman. It was tough. Especially when each shooter could have their own instructor! Western Rose and Gunslinger Girl decided to help me the first day and then my dad was helped me the second day. Gunslinger Girl the george name just didn't fit for me ! When I got rifleman though my smile was so big my face could hardly make it fit!This part is mainly for Western Rose and Gunslinger Girl because Gunslinger Girl accidentally scored my first target wrong so instead of it being a 212 it was actually a 202! My next target I got an 210! So Western Rose I deserve that water you wanted to pour on me! I want to thank all the IIT's that helped me through my appleseed trail because because of you I made rifleman and am now an orange hat. So that is my appleseed story.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Leftey on May 22, 2010, 08:54:22 PM
And i'm a homeschooler!
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: A.Q.T. monster on May 25, 2010, 02:02:20 AM
i was kinda in to shooting pistols so my dad asked if i would try rifles...i said sure why not. i didn't really know what to expect when i came i was just dragged along. i learned everything i know about rifles because of AS. i just loved the environment that the instructors created i just felt at home. i fell in L-O-V-E with AQTs every AS i went to i always begged the Shoot boss to do just one more but of course the answer was always no its to late. I started on April 17 so it was a special weekend and i learned a lot about the 3 strikes and i didn't like history much but the stories that were told and just how they were put drew me in i became so interested in the history. I'm 14 and an instructor in corona, i love checking the line and just being able to interact with other shooters and help them with the problems that i had. i also love telling the stories... as much as i love hearing them its just as much fun telling them. As helped my get over my fear of public speaking now i can stand in front of the shooters during lunch and tell them about dangerous women without stuttering. I learned that i could really connect with people if you know how to talk to them. I love AS it has helped me open my mind to the country not just my city but what's happening in the country and what had happened in the country.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: CAPshooter on May 25, 2010, 05:38:18 PM
I went to my first Appleseed in April 2010 in Saratoga, NY.  I had read everything there is to read about it, so I knew pretty much what to expect.  I am really interested in firearms and shooting but the only gun we own is a single shot .22 :wall: but I had taught myself to shoot decently.  My first Appleseed was well run but cool and raining. I brought my dad along to get him shooting.  I used an SKS all day both days and didn't have a chance at the patch because of the reloading time and sights.  I had been working with my dad and he improved a lot.  My second shoot was in Lake George this May.  We had wonderful weather both days :).  Buzzworth convinced me to use one of his 10/22s ("Brittany" - his favorite, a great AR ed one with a target aperture) I shot exactly 210 on the first AQT with that and got the patch :) :D.  The second day I used Buzzworth's "Natalia" with a Dragunov stock and a scope.  My best score w/ scope was 229 :) I'm glad I made the score w/ irons before that though ;).  My dad is definitely improving and I'm working with him to get the patch :).

Great job to everybody else, keep shooting  :---
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: OhioLeatherneck on May 27, 2010, 07:15:31 PM
Hello, my first Appleseed was May 22-23 In Athens Ohio! It was a great time! I learned alot about shooting I didn't know.
Well my Dad (Mike) talked about AS, and I said I would go with him ;D

I am 15 years old (16 in July) and I live in Athens County. I ENVY ALL OF YOU THAT ARE HOMESCHOOLED!!!!!  **)
I pretty much hate public school and private school wasn't any better, I prefer do it myself or have a *Single* person teach me one-on-one like at AS. Some of my hobbies are writing, graphic creating, video games (yes i love them :D), anime, manga and other good books! but of course I LOVE SHOOTING! It helps me release the pressure and stress of everyday life :---

My AQT's were ok I guess my highest score was actually my first AQT so far is 171 that was on the 22nd >:D but on Sunday (which was hotter and the .22 kept jamming and BLAH BLAH BLAH) I didn't score any better in fact worse (160's area  :wall: :wb: :wall: :wb: ) but I'm going to make my Rifleman next AS ^:)^

HUZZAH!!!!!! and Semper FI!
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Roland on June 11, 2010, 04:10:32 PM
Hey all,

I finally got around to posting my Appleseed Trail.

My first shoot was September of 2009. In our range newsletter, there was this weird thing called Appleseed. I and my dad thought that it sounded pretty fun. Someone who had shot it before gave us some advice on what to expect, and let us shoot some of his spare AQT targets.

We showed up on the first day. I learned a lot! As others have said, it is like drinking from a fire hose. All this info wasn't enough to get me to rifleman though. My high score by the end of the weekend was 159 (OUCH!).

As we were driving home, I realized that I didn't care how many shoots it took. I was going to shoot a 211. Since then, every time we went out to the range, I shoot AQTs and redcoats for practice. Two months before the next shoot, I started dry-firing. Every night.

At the next shoot in May 2010, I was shooting pretty well. Nailed the 400 yard redcoat straight off. Most of my groups on the squares were well under rifleman's standard. The only AQT we shot that day was toward the end. I shot my stage 1. After shooting, I knew it wasn't very good. One of my shots had completely missed the target.
After that, I followed advice originally given to me by Earl and then repeated by Fred. Shoot each stage at a time. So, that's what I did. I shot pretty good on the next two stages. On the last stage (always my favorite in practice), I shot very well.

When I pulled my target, it didn't really look all that good. I had shot a 37 on the standing, which is pretty bad. My two middle scores were 45 and 46. On the bottom row, I shot a 49. It would have been a 50 with the .30 cal rule! (I used a scoring template to check). I had a final score of 226. I got that patch.

The next day, I shot two more rifleman AQTs, although none beat that score of 226. At the end of the day, I took the orange hat.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you all some time or another.


Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Law man on June 20, 2010, 09:58:10 PM
     My Appleseed Trail started with the second Appleseed ever since my Dad and I missed the first one at the home range in Ramsuer NC. My Dad heard about Appleseed from a friend and we decided to check it out. The only experience that I had with rifles was at a range in Goldsboro where I plinked with my 98k and an M1 Garand. I was 12 years old at the time and was really looking forward to the Appleseed. I remember it was a chilly morning and that we all stood in the sun to warm our selves up. I started off shooting my 98k Mauser which was kicking my butt so I switched to a Mini-14. I can't really remember the size of the groups I was shooting or how the rest of the day went for that matter. But one memory is still stuck in my head which I remember clearly to this day. I remember the passion with which the history was told in the middle of the day, which is why it stuck with me. I was wondering to myself why I had never heard this story before in school, it was the most fascinating story I had ever heard about history. I wish I had more to say but it has slipped my mind, all of the other countless Appleseeds have swirled together with my first, but I know that the experience was different for each and every one of them.

     I earned my rifleman's patch on the second day of our boot camp with a score of 221 with the help of JB and DW :) Ramsuer 7, 08 

     Appleseed is the best program that I have ever seen and it will continue to be so. It has helped me grow in so many different way and I learned many valuable lessons at Appleseeds. Some of the best people I know are involved with Appleseed. And so, my Appleseed trail continues on...
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Squib on August 18, 2010, 06:34:58 PM
Hey, I'm Smart mouth from Minnesota. I first learned about appleseed from my uncle. I attended my first appleseed in March early this year. It was cold the first day and the next day all the snow melted and the whole shooting line was almost completely submerged  ;D. But I still loved the experience. The shooting was a ton of fun. Even though ive been shooting most of my life i had developed a LOT of bad habits. The instructors all did an awsome job and i enjoyed learning the shooting techniques as well as the history. I improved my AQT score from about a 95 to a 168 that weekend. Since then I've been to three more appleseeds. Improving each time but still falling short of the rifleman score. At this last one i was determined to do it. I made it, I persisted all day and finally it all came together on the very last AQT of the day. It was actually the one after the official appleseed was over. I took an orange hat and am looking forward to my first appleseed as a new IIT  :)   
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: GRYPHON on September 06, 2010, 09:55:27 PM
I'm Gryphon from MN. my real name is Michael, and i'm 14 years old. i'm very sorry that I haven't put up my story until now.

I first heard of appleseed from my dad (Javaguy) and wanted to try it out. So we went down to the Winona appleseed MN Sept. 2009. It was a BLAST O0.  I scored a 38 on my first AQT ever  :wall: and a 152 on sunday. when we got back home, my dad liked it so much that he built a backyard range!  :) ;D. and that helped me a lot because 2 weeks later, I scored a 213 at Hinkly MN. BUT on stage four I shot 3 3 2 2 instead of 2 2 3 3 so it didn't really count and it was the last on of that appleseed too  >:( . Next spring, we went down to Henderson  MN and THERE I scored a 214 on my 2nd AQT in 10 inches of mud on Sat.  ^:)^ . when I got my patch, I also got my orange hat ^-^  :cool2: and from then on I have been instructing and trying to score rifleman with my AR-15  :---.  And thats the end of my beginning.  8)

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Madhatter on September 19, 2010, 06:00:33 PM
i expected to just start shooting right off the bat, like i do at my club/class in lapeer. I discovered that i didn't really know a lot about paul rever's ride until after the stories were over and that it isn't fun at all to shoot in the rain!!! !@#) my dad (superheat) found out about these, he has gone to three in the past year, he has been trying to get to as many as he can :)      i stared shooting at the local rifle range about a year ago shooting 22 small bore and still am! ;D

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Western Rose on October 22, 2010, 01:00:46 PM
BTT!!! :D
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Toshbar on October 26, 2010, 11:06:26 PM
Ahh....Where do I start?  I'm 19, go to NC State University, and live 2 hours east of Raleigh, NC.

I started shooting pistols when I was about 12 with my dad, but never got into rifles until my 18th birthday -the turning point of which afterward all disposable income went to guns. :~

I frequent a few gun forums and heard this guy talk about 'The Appleseed Project'.  Hummmm - never heard of it, so I googled and searched and researched. I asked around and found out that one of my close friends had been earlier that year and DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME.   :'( 

I planned to attend an AS and got my buddy to go back with me.

I went to my first AS last November at the RWVA Home Range in Ramsuer, NC - about an hour west of school. It was a blast. I scored 191 on my first ever AQT, and by the end of the day had a 225 ;D under my belt.  I was on the NJROTC rifle team in high school, so don't think it was all natural talent.  It might as well have been though. I hadn't learned anything like what I learned at my first AS, even being on the rifle team in high school! 

I've gone back 2 times to Ramseur, learning more and more each time. This last time, I asked for my orange hat.  I have since become good friends with The Kid, who was a red hat at all 3 ASeeds I attended.  I'm going back this weekend to instruct and hand in my first PC :cool2:.

I went to AS thinking the sling was a gimmick, but half way through my first AS weekend I was begging 7.62BBQ for one and went to walmart on the lunch break to buy some swivels. Now, my sling is my favorite thing in my gun box. It has magical powers. I still find it amazing that I can reach out and touch something consistently from .28 miles away with only a $350 rifle(saiga 5.45x39) loaded with some 30 year old Russian surplus ammo, a 12 dollar USGI sling, and the dirt beneath me. I have rustled some feathers on the AK forums.

If you're ever in Central/Eastern NC give me a holler.

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: GoldFish on October 27, 2010, 12:04:19 PM
....the turning point of which afterward all disposable income went to guns. :~

Now.....where does that sound familiar? ::)

Anyway, thanks for posting your great story Toshbar. O0 

I totally agree with you, the USGI sling does have magical powers, waiting to be imparted to those that will accept the responsibility of being an exceptional shooter.

Thanks for posting, and keep rustling feathers on those AK forums. ;D

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Beastmode44 on March 14, 2011, 09:04:00 PM
Well, I'm new to the forum but not at all new to appleseed. My first appleseed was in 2006, when I was 12. It was in Yakima, WA, and I really didn't know what to expect. Ya, I've been shooting since seven and I've taken hunters ed, why do I have to do another shooting class? This was the logic of an ignorant junior higher who would've rather stayed home and played video games. But I went because he wanted me to, so I went.  :o Oh my goodness, I was in awe. At the hotel Saturday night I was recovering from the mass of information that was almost as confusing as dividing by zero! Well, when I got sharpshooter and my dad was getting rifleman every aqt, I was irritated. Why couldn't I get a rifleman? Weeeeeell, let's just say that the rifleman didn't come till my sixth appleseed at age 14. And for those of you who know me, I am very competitive, so that was irritating :wb: Anyhow, my experience with this program has been a great one, and after finishing my last appleseed on this last weekend at Fernan, Id, I am seriously considering becoming an instructor. After all, this is what our nation needs right now, a wake up call from the very disturbing age we are in right now. God bless you all for your hard work, and I hope I will be able to do so also in the near future.
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Sly223 on May 24, 2011, 10:49:00 PM
 O0 Look forward to having you aboard Sir ..:..
Oh to be young and unable to wait for life to get started again!
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: RiflesnReins on July 25, 2011, 11:13:26 PM
Hello I am RiflesnReins. With a passion for guns and horses. My first Appleseed was in Sparta IL, in the middle of the summer.  what I expected was a few people, to shoot for a few hours, come back the next day, and never to learn anything. Well I got more then I expected that day. Laying  on a plastic trash bag with a dark blanket thrown over the top was a big mistake. So broiling in the sun, having a gun ( that I had gotten recently for my birthday and never shot it before) that I had no idea how to work, added to a scope that was way off, plus it kept jamming every other shot. If my poor Marlin had been alive I probably would have strangled it. I was NOT planning to come back the next day. Then something  hit me.  If I never shot it at an Appleseed, then I probably not ever shoot that gun again. So I showed up the next morning determined to shoot that gun any way possible.  :wb: I don't know whether it was me, listing to the Instructors or if some huge miracle happened but I shot ten times better then the day before. So I found myself signed  up for a September shoot in Marian IL. The conditions there were....somewhat wet. Anyway we shot next to an Airfield which gave me plenty of experience with the cease fire command. After deciding that my Marlin was the only gun that I could shoot I did quite well. So recently I went to the Alton shoot on the 16th-17th of July. Making a Marksman is an improvement but since I want to become a Rifleman before my birthday my family worked to create this range: (  compare to this:

I thank all the Instructors who had to put up with me! ( You know who you are!)
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: BonnieBlue on September 09, 2011, 10:57:02 AM
I went to my first Appleseed when I was 12 (Sept 2010). At first, I was so proud of my self for going with my Daddy (tn_dadx5) to a shoot. But the only thing was, I had NEVER shot a .22 or any gun before! (well, air soft guns.)  So, when we started to shoot, I started to think," what am I doing? This thing might blow up in my face!" But all the instructors helped me out, told me there is nothing to be afraid of. At the end of mt first day, I had shot a 185 on my AQT. My dad, who had been in the Army, got his rifleman. Right when he got his, I wanted one soooo bad. So by the 2nd time I went ( I only went for 1 day the first time) I was determined to get rifleman. Every thing went really well. I was getting 5 shots on a 1inch square. People were saying they wanted me on their shooting team. I started to feel really good. So, my 2nd day on the range, I got my rifleman, shot a 218 on my AQT, got a orange hat. And was very happy!
I LOVE Appleseeds. I'm 13 right now(2011) and still an IIT 0. lol!   
I hope to be on my way to IIT 1.

Best wishes,
 Bonnie Blue ( a.k.a Jenna)
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: kate on October 14, 2011, 09:14:43 PM
My first Appleseed was this year, August 6th. I went with my mom and we had NO CLUE what to expect. I had talked about wanting to shoot more (because firing rifles in a subdivision is frowned upon  :'(  silly rules) and my mom had told me simply "Go find a place to shoot that's free". A few days later, we were driving down the road and saw a billboard for "Project Appleseed:". The billboard was painfully vague, so I needed to get more info before jumping into it. I asked my gunsmith about it and was instantly handed an AS trifold and told "You have to go, you'll have so much fun!"

We showed up dreadfully unprepared. All we had was my rifle, some ammo, and lunches. We didn't have shooting mats and I hadn't even HEARD of the USGI sling. Turns out it was an instructor training day, so we were swarmed by helping hands. I was loaned a mat and my mom was loaned a mat, rifle, ammo, mags, and a chair to sit in.

We started off the day with a redcoat and I was told that the 'prone position' would be the best. I looked at the guy like  ++) whaaaaat? (I had never heard of the prone postion before) Without pause, he got on the ground and showed me the proper way to get into the 'eating dirt' postion in about 15 seconds. I had always thought I was a pretty good shot, but I was gravely mistaken. My uncle had taught me to shoot in a "here's the rifle, there's the scope. Point and shoot" kind of way, and that does NOT work at an AS. That day I was introduced to prone, sitting, standing, NPOA, AQT, and the 6 steps (which presented themselves as perfect opportunities to use the  ++) face again). My brain was on sensory overload and when I got home that night, I crashed without a seconds notice and slept like a baby... a very sore, tired, and wimpy baby. That day I was also introduced to the most interesting and amazing history I had ever heard. They don't teach you that stuff in school! I didn't know that there was going to be histoy given at Appleseed, and I loved that there was. I have always had an interest in it but as the stories played through my mind, I couldn't get over how awe-inspiring they were.

The next day was better. Less confusion this time, because we got to lay/stand/sit down and focus on getting everything right. But I was almost more frustrating because I got to see how absolutely terrable I was at shooting then. My wimpy little city kid arms couldn't hold my rifle up (I have a M4 .22) and my mags were too long to be efficient in prone, plus I just plain sucked at sitting. I was starting to get frustrated, not to mention it was BURNING UP that day (and after sitting in air conditioning for months, I was super whiny). Pick up your black gun:it's hot, get brassed: it's hot, stand in the sun: it's hot, prep your mags with bullets that have been sitting in the sun: they're hot too. A break finally came when it started pouring down rain. It helped me focus, calm down; and yes, cool off.

The rain was also a cause for a slight panic attack later in the day when yellowhousejake mentioned that "when you get home tonight, clean your rifle or else it will rust".  :o I had no clue how to clean my rifle. The panic must have showed on my face, because Huff stepped forward and and cleaned my rifle while the one other shooter who was there and I got to shoot YHJ brand new (to him) M1 garand. That was the best target I had shot all weekend because I was so scared of the rifle that I threw my ego aside and took every piece of advise offered and ran though the steady hold factors and the 6 steps a million times in my head so that I didn't accidentally blow my arm off or something along those lines. After I finished shooting that wonderful piece of American history, AuntieBellum and HQ asked me if I would consider being an instructor someday. I didn't know what to say at the time, but the more I though about it, the more I wanted to become an IIT and take the seventh step.

I had a fantastic time at my first appleseed; it was probably the best day of my life... if you don't count the day I became a riflewoman and an IIT. Now that was a memorable day. After shooting 3 rifles over 4 appleseeds ( :wb: )  I finally got a score of 210. All the new orange hats from the day before (there were 3 of them) got to dump a bottle of water on me and let me tell ya, that was the greatest feeling in the world. I was cleansed of my terrable shooting habits (even though some of them still come back to haunt me from time to time) and I was a RIFLEWOMAN! I was so happy that it was ridiculous, me running around with this goofy grin on my face  %)  calling all my family and friends once I overcame the shock of it all. There was this guy I helped in ball-n-dummy that got made fun of by his buddies for "being taught by a girl". Huff's speech before I got my patch and hat was about how "you gotta put your ego's aside and learn from everyone who can teach you". Shoulda seen the look on their faces! ;)

So I just recently got my IIT title last weekend and am looking forward to learning, growing, and becoming a full on instructor red hat, which won't be for another 4 years, (since I'm 14 now and you have to be 18 to be a full instructor) but that gives me just the right amount of time to banish bad habits and polish my skills!

That's my full Appleseed Trail, so far anyway, without writing a novel (which I'm not completely sure I didn't do, how many paragraphs was that?) Hopefully I'll see many of you out there on the trail, blazing the way for future generations because, among us 'kids' I think that it's safe to say "I have not a man (or woman) who is afraid to go"

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: George Hacker on October 14, 2011, 11:57:38 PM
So I just recently got my IIT title last weekend and am looking forward to learning, growing, and becoming a full on instructor red hat, which won't be for another 4 years, (since I'm 14 now and you have to be 18 to be a full instructor) but that gives me just the right amount of time to banish bad habits and polish my skills!
Thanks for sharing your story, Kate.  It is inspiring to some of us older folks.

I think you will be getting your red hat a little sooner than you think.  Re-read the instructor FAQ ( (  You only have to be 16 to be a full instructor.  ;D

- ShadowMan
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: kate on October 15, 2011, 12:03:18 AM
Awesome! Then it's only 2 years! I got told 18 lol but I'm not one to argue with a good thing, 16 will work just fine  ;D
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Wy Knott on November 23, 2011, 07:03:03 PM
Hi. My name is Anna. I'm 13.I'm homeschooled and my family is another ''Appleseed family".My dad is franklinfarmer and my younger brother is an IIT0 (no screen name yet).I also have an older sister and a younger sister who are not yet rifleman.
The first chance I ever had to go to a shoot was in Augusta.That was probably about 3 Years ago.I didn't go though.You see my dad found out about Appleseed but he wouldn't/didn't take any of us four kids until after he shot rifleman/took the orange hat.I guess he didn't want any competition  ;D He said one of us could come and I took the part of a "nice sister" and let my brother go. My first shoot was cold, rainy Toccoa in Feb. $$-0 I won't go into details but it was miserable.(I now  have a tendency to bring more clothing than is actually necessary but.......)Since then I guess I've been to about ten shoots all of which have been in GA except one in TN where I first shot rifleman first. ^:)^
If you hadn't noticed yet I'm from GA.
I really enjoy meeting other girls about my age and hope I can meet more of you all some time.
If you are wondering about my fourm name read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Hienlein

I also wish "they" didn't hold young IITs back from THE RED HAT with the age limit but oh well. :-\

Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Red Niva on December 05, 2011, 07:33:23 PM
Hey my name is Hannah. I'm 13 and i am a homeschooler. First i want to say i am happy to see Anna is on the forum now O0. When i meet her she wasn't. Anyway, what did i expect on my first appleseed? Well when i heard about appleseed i thought it was just a place that people could go and shoot. So i expected that my family was just going to go and shoot rifles. Well i was half right lol.

What did i did i discover? Well i found out i had a talent for shooting(if you wanna read my story just go to the woman of appleseed page). And i learned a lot more about history than ever!!!

How did i first come to appleseed? Well a friend of my family was in the GA militia(yes I'm from GA). He invited us to one of their meeting one night. After that meeting we decided to join the militia. Quite a few of the people in the militia had been to appleseed and gotten their riflemans patch and even a few of them were orange hats(ones forum name is endangered i don't remember the other one)!! So we decided to go to an appleseed( again you can read about that on the woman of appleseed page).

When did i start shooting? :~ I started shooting when i was around 9 years old and that was only BB guns. But i loved anyway. I gradually moved up to, in my opinion, real guns. And boy did i love it!!!!

What was my experience at appleseed? There are so many things i could say but i will try to narrow it down. I was thrilled. Everything blew me away. The instructors were very patient with me. All of my hard work has paid off though. I am now an orange hat and my first appleseed as an orange hat was yesterday and the Saturday before yesterday. I loved it! I was afraid at first that people wouldn't listen to me cause i was just a teenager. But i remembered that Anna and her brother Seth were also my age and people were listening to them cause they realized they had gone through the same process to get rifleman. That made me feel a lot better. My next appleseed is at the end of this week and i cant wait to be there!!!!!!

  Thanks a lot for reading this!!!!
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: worM2 on January 03, 2012, 04:04:29 PM
Just wanted to check in.
I got interested in Appleseed after my father (franklinfarmer) became an instructor.
He kept ridicueling my position,so I desided I would show him what I could do.
After my first Appleseed I went home very sad. :'(.Iwent to six more A.S.s befor Papa
decided he had had enough. :DH:
A few months later we made a new stock for my rifle.The first A.S.I went to after that I
shot Rifleman. ^:)^.Since then I have realy enjoyed instructing. 
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Sly223 on January 09, 2012, 11:13:00 AM
You Kids are great!
Keep up the Great works this is why us elders do what we Do! ^:)^
Title: Re: My Appleseed Trail
Post by: Smurf on January 06, 2013, 05:35:18 PM
I thought that you should read the following written by a young post-teenage female student.

 The four ladies came to us last spring with NO, NONE, ZERO prior experience or knowledge of any type of marksmanship. They have attended several Appleseed events in the past year. Their shooting skills are progressing. They all understand the different parts of instruction and could present an entire course on their own if they had to!!! And I believe that they would if we were not providing it. We have all made a difference for them and for many, many other students.

Thank You,
                                                     A Learning Experience

   When my friend invited me along to learn how to shot a rifle, I did not know what
to expect. All that the flyer said was the name of the program,"APPLESEED", the dates,
and that I would learn how to shoot a rifle and learn about our American history. But the
only thing I cared about on that flyer was "Rifle Marksmanship Skills". I had always
wanted to learn to shoot, and here was my chance.

   I knew I would have to find some way to ask my parents, so they would let me go.
After telling them that my friend was bringing her mom, and her mom would make sure
everything was safe, they agreed to let me go. I could not believe it; I was going to learn
how to shoot a rifle. A full day was planned, from 8am to 5 pm, with a small lunch break.
We were loaned rifles, and the day began. I could not wait to start shooting, but the most
important thing about using any type of firearm is safty. The instructor explained the safty
instructions, and also talked about the events that took place on April 19th, 1775. I also
learned some interesting facts about these events that I had never heard.

   Paul Revere's Ride, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and "The Shot Heard
Round the World" were some of the events that the instructor talked about. All the
colonist wanted was representation in England, which as English citizens they were
entitled to receive. The colonists had not even thought of seperating from England at this
point. Yet the British regulars were ordered to find and remove all firearms from the
colonists, because they did not want the colonists armed in case it came down to a fight.
All the other raids by the Regulars had been peaceful, with no opposition from the
colonists, which is why it makes this particular raidmemorable in American history. The
colonists had no intention of letting the Regulars take any more of their arms, so they
alarmed the countryside. The call for help, started by Paul Revere's Ride, even reached
people in Kentucky, which showed how the system for the Minute Men was organized
and well planned in advance, not accidental. The Minute Men were ordinary men who
were ready to respond at a moments's notice. They put up a stand to the Regulars and so
the Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first of the American Revolution.

   The instructor told these stories of people during that time in order to make it
more personal and to illustrate how much these people sacrificed for our freedom today.
Isaac Davis was one such man. He was a handy man in his town and a Minute Man. He
responded to the call and grabbing his rifle, he turned to his wife and said, "Take care of
the children" and left. His children were sick with something similar to scarlet fever and
his wife felt that she would never see him alive again. Isaac Davis died that day, during
the battle. John Adams once said, "Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the
present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it. If you
do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it". Many other
men responded the same way as Isaac Davis, ready to give their lives for their rights and
their freedom.

   At last, it was time to shoot. I was taught to make my body as steady as possible,
in order to shoot straighter. The instructor showed everyone a little green army man, one
sprawled out on the ground, and told us to get used to lying like that. I became so sore
from lying like that little green army man, or lying prone as it is officially called. But
when the day ended, I didn't want to go home
   I had so much fun at Appleseed, but the first time there I did not realize how much
of an impact it would have on my life or on the lives of others. I learned through this
program, that the American people must become involved in their government, that we
have a say, and that we must write letters to our representatives, letting them know we
either disagree with or support their decisions.When I see people reenacting the American
Revolution and who are willing to share their enthusiasm for our history, it makes me so
proud to be an American. People should really get involved in their heritage and what it
means to be an American.

   Project Appleseed was founded to instruct Americans on their heritage, and teach
rifle marksmanship. The name "Appleseed" is from Johnny Appleseed, who went around
the country, and planted apple seeds. He did not wait to see if the tree would grow, he
moved on and kept planting, and if he had waited for the tree to grow he would never
have planted so many trees. The job for anyone who participates in this program is to
spread the goals, regardless of whether or not those seeds take root.

   After enjoying myself immensely at Appleseed, I wanted others to participate in
this event as well. My sister joined me at the first Appleseed I went to, and I brought my
mom to the next. Even though she did not love all the lying on the ground, she now
participates in other ways, such as letting others know of this great organization. I then
brought my dad and my other sister to the event, and they both loved it, and can't wait to
go to the next one. The only family member I still have to bring is my little brother, but I
will certainly bring him when he is old enough, because I want him to share in this
enriching experience.

   Learning how to shoot a rifle is not the most important thing I have learned from
Project Appleseed. Inspiring people to become involved in the government and to
understand the sacrifice that our freedom cost is the important thing. We risk losing our
freedom that others have paid so dearly for, by not being aware and understanding our

Words written by an Appleseed student for her school project in 2012.