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Remington 597 helpful information page
« on: October 04, 2009, 02:48:49 PM »
Model/Name:  Remington 597

Manufacturer:  Remington

Caliber:  .22 rimfire

Link to instruction manual:

Suggested modifications (minimum):   1&1/4" sling swivels, 1&1/4" GI web sling (cotton or nylon).

Suggested additional accessories:  2 to 3 additional 10 shot factory magazines, a good .22 caliber cleaning kit, good case to store/transport the rifle in.  Depending on the region/location of the Appleseeds you may need to have a minimum of 4 10 round magazines due to the AQT being fired straight through (40 rounds) vs. being fired in 10 round stages with prep. periods between stages.  

Sling swivels/studs:  The 1&1/4" sling swivels are available at most sporting goods stores or online.  Uncle Mike's is a common brand.    The sling swivel studs are also available at sporting goods stores and come with instructions for installation.  The links above are included as picture examples of what to look for, there are other brands that work just as well.

Sling:  The 1&1/4" GI web sling may be cotton or nylon.  Surplus and new slings are available at many online sites and even at gunshows.   Here is an example....

Additional modifications:  Some rifles will benefit from a trigger job to lighten the trigger and make it more consistent.

Trouble shooting:  Use the link to the owner's guide above for trouble shooting help.  One tip - do not allow the bolt to go forward while a chamber flag is inserted as it will usually pop the extractor out of the bolt causing the rifle to be unusable until repairs are made.

A safe 597:  

MAGAZINE OUT -- Pull rearward on the magazine release located on the right side of the stock at the rear of the magazine while pulling down on the magazine.

BOLT BACK -- If the magazine is empty on the last shot the bolt will be held back automatically, if the magazine was not empty after the last shot then the shooter must use a finger, inserted into the magazine well, to activate the bolt hold open lever while pulling the bolt to the rear, then it will remain locked back.

SAFETY ON -- Place the safety ON by pushing it fully towards the right side of the trigger guard (push from the left).

CHAMBER FLAG IN -- Insert the chamber flag into the chamber. (The ejection port is tight but the standard RWVA chamber flag will fit if the round end of the flag is bent slightly towards the part of the flag that sticks out of the ejection port).

RIFLE GROUNDED -- Place the rifle down on the shooting mat/rug with the ejection port up.


This is only one of the many good LTR (Liberty Training Rifle) packages that will make attending an Appleseed a more rewarding experience.

Thanks to SamD and AFTERMATH for contributing to this information.

reason for edit -  repaired link to owner's manual - 02/24/10

reason for not fixing bad links - tried twice now, for some reason when I paste the updated links into this post they are no longer links.  Something has changed with the forum software because when I post links on other forums they work fine - or I don't understand why it works elsewhere but not here.  Sorry.
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