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What kind of work is being done here at this working forum?

Started by Appleseed, July 29, 2009, 05:17:09 PM

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You have read about this Appleseed forum being a "Working Forum", and that it is.

There are several thousand members of this forum, with several hundreds working across the nation, at different levels, to ensure the hundreds of Appleseed Shoots each year go off without a hitch.

Here on this forum, you will find some of the jobs below being worked on:
-Setting up of events
-Instructor Training
-Promotional efforts
-Sharing skills and ideas
-Communication about the details of events or operation of the program

The Appleseed forum is a central meeting place, an office, which allows fellow Appleseeders to share efforts and ideas with other Appleseeders. 

With nearly every state in the union involved, hundreds of different venues, and thousands of people involved, this site gives us all a place to gather and work together.   The tone of "conversation" is mission oriented, with the goal of ensuring a smooth and rapidly growing Appleseed program. 

This is not a social site, though you will find the atmosphere often reflects a family meeting rather than a corporate meeting. 

On a state level, there is discussion of the coming events, promotional opportunities, details of the locations/events, and discussion on how best to ensure a successful Shoot.   You will also be networking with other Appleseeders within your state, setting up gatherings at 'minis', Shoots, and other events, to meet with these Appleseeders.

The goal is to Appleseed and to Appleseed well, the mission is to get an Appleseed Shoot in every county in your state.  The hope is to weave Appleseed, the Founding Traditions and Heritage, into the very fabric of your state.   Those on this forum, and your state board are dedicated to doing just this.

You may hear the reference to "bailing" here.   The reference is to each of us pitching in and doing what we can.  Think of it as a bucket brigade, trying to bail out a ship which has taken on too much water.   If one person tries to remove the water alone, it becomes very obvious they are working at a failing task.   However, if several people grab buckets and start bailing, then the prospect will look better.   But, if they cooperate, make a bucket brigade, they can really get some work done and save the ship.   

This is what this site is about.   Not only grabbing a bucket, not just bailing some water, but working with the others here to build a program which is more effective and efficient. 

What could be better?  Working with quality, dedicated people, focused on a single mission and goal.  You will find a level of quality to the people you work with here, which many though had passed away long ago.   Being an Appleseeder is to walk on the trails our Founders blazed for us.