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AR 15 type rifle helpful information page
« on: September 28, 2009, 09:00:15 PM »
Model/Name:  AR 15 (generic name for the type of rifle - there are multiple manufactures who call their AR15 something a little different to distinguish their rifle from other AR 15 type rifles).

Manufacturer:  There are too many manufacturers to list them here.  There are many opinions/experiences concerning which is better or worse.  Whatever brand AR15 you have, be sure to shoot it enough prior to attending an Appleseed to be sure it functions with the ammo you intend to shoot.

Caliber:  .223 Remington/5.56X45 is the most common caliber.  What ever brand/type of ammo you intend to shoot at an Appleseed, be sure to buy and shoot a couple of hundred rounds through your rifle to insure your rifle will work with the ammo you've bought.  Slight variances in chamber dimensions means that some rifles may have functioning issues with some brands of ammo.

Link to instruction manual (can be downloaded here - big file):   This is a copy of the US Army manual for the M16A1 but much of it is the same for AR15's  This is a copy of one manufacturer's owner's manual for an AR15.

Suggested modifications (minimum):  1&1/4" GI web sling. 

Suggested additional accessories:  2 to 3 additional magazines (some people, based on build/arm length, may be better off with 20 round magazines vs. 30 round magazines for use in the sling supported prone position) a good cleaning kit, good case to store/transport the rifle in.   Purchasing a either a .22 rimfire conversion kit or a dedicated .22 rimfire upper allows much cheaper practice ($350 to $500 or more for 1,000 rounds of .223 vs. $16 to $25 for 1,000 rounds of .22 rimfire).  Buy 3 or 4 additional magazines for the .22 rimfire conversion kit as well. 

Sling:  The 1&1/4" GI web sling may be cotton or nylon.  Surplus and new slings are available at many online sites and even at gunshows.   Here is an example....

Additional modifications:  Some folks may benefit from the use of a scope or other type optical sights depending on age/eyesight.

Trouble shooting:  When on the line, if you have a failure to feed, failure to extract, etc., do the following: 

S - slap the bottom of the magazine (to ensure the mag is seated)
P - pull back and hold the charging handle to the rear
O - observe the chamber area, is there a round in there
R - release the charging handle
T - tap teh forward assist to assure the bolt is closed
S - shoot something (I know that's not the wording the Army used)

or SPORTS - remember to keep the muzzle in a safe direction while doing this.  If the problem persists your rifle may need cleaning/lubrication in order to continue to operate reliably.  Refer to the owner's manual link above.

Lubrication:   There are many available lubricants that work.  Refer to the links above on owner's manuals to get an idea of what types of lubricants to use and how to properly lubricate your AR15.

Cleaning:  Again, refer to the links to the owner's manuals for procedures/supplies for cleaning your AR15.  Some AR15's will need more cleaning than others due to manufacturing tolerances, ammo used, type of lubricant used, etc.  Be sure your rifle is properly cleaned and lubricated prior to attending an Appleseed to insure you spend you time learning/shooting instead of doing malfunction drills and/or cleaning/lubricating the rifle.

A safe AR 15: 

MAGAZINE OUT -- Push in the magazine release located on the right side of the lower receiver and remove the magazine.

BOLT BACK -- If the bolt did not lock back on the last round, pull the charging handle to the rear and depress the bolt catch located on the left side of the lower receiver.  Push the charging handle back into place.

SAFETY ON -- Place the safety in the SAFE position.

CHAMBER FLAG IN -- Insert the chamber flag into the chamber.

RIFLE GROUNDED -- Place the rifle down on the shooting mat/rug with the ejection port up.


The AR is a very common rifle at Appleseeds and can be very accurate when used properly.  Thanks to lprgcfrank, DwayneH, JoeZ,  Rifleman_NH, funfaler, slim, fepowered, AzGromit, AFTERMATH, Panama, techres, and ripersnifle for contributing information and help in the making of this post.
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