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Marlin 795 helpful information
« on: September 27, 2009, 02:19:27 PM »
Model/Name:  Marlin 795 & 795SS

Manufacturer: Marlin
Caliber:  .22 rimfire

Link to instruction manual (can be downloaded here - big file):

Suggested modifications (minimum):  1&1/4" GI web sling and sling swivels.  The rifle comes with sling studs installed in the stock.  Here's a link to info on some 1&1/4" quick detachable sling swivels   you can buy these at many sports/hunting stores.  The GI slings require the 1&1/4" swivels.  Tech Sights now makes replacement aperature sights for these rifles.  They are a big improvement over the standard type sights.  Here is a link to an excellent site detailing instructions/help on installation of Tech Sights for your rifle.

Suggested additional accessories:  2 to 3 additional magazines

Sling:  The 1&1/4" GI web sling may be cotton or nylon.  Surplus and new slings are available at many online sites and even at gunshows.   Here is an example....

Additional modifications:  Some folks may benefit from the use of a scope or other type optical sights depending on age/eyesight.  It has been noted by some instructors that the rings supplied with the factory rifle/scope packages may not hold up during use.  Aftermarket rings that fit the dovetail on the receiver are available at stores that sell shooting sports accessories.

Trouble shooting:  The 795 has an additional bolt hold open feature (pushing the bolt handle in while the bolt is back will lock it open - pull out of the bolt handle to allow the bolt to go forward if this happens) that could cause someone to be unable to release the bolt with the bolt control lever.

A safe Model 795/795SS: 

MAGAZINE OUT -- Push up and back on the magazine release located behind the magazine and remove the magazine.

BOLT BACK -- The bolt should stay locked open if the magazine was empty after the last shot.  If the bolt did not lock back on the last shot, pull the bolt handle to the rear and push the bolt control lever up, then release the bolt handle, the bolt should stay locked open (to the rear).  The bolt control lever is located in front of the trigger guard on the right side of the trigger guard.

SAFETY ON -- Place the safety in the SAFE position.

CHAMBER FLAG IN -- Insert the chamber flag into the chamber.

RIFLE GROUNDED -- Place the rifle down on the shooting mat/rug with the ejection port up.


The 795 is growing in popularity and seen at more and more Appleseeds.

Thanks to SamD, AFTERMATH, artkat2, Chainsaw, Mudcat, EEL, ashrn03, TaosGlock, panhead, and gliming for contributing to this information.