Author Topic: AAR-- Sallisaw Oklahoma, Sept. 26-27  (Read 1538 times)

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AAR-- Sallisaw Oklahoma, Sept. 26-27
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:47:54 AM »
    Sallisaw, Ok. Appleseed, Sept. 26-27
    Shoot Boss; Longshot
       Total shooters; 16
       Personnel: Instructors, PJ Evans                  IIT's, Henschman, A-Bomb, Matt, Rickman

  After a 6-hour drive that started with a breakdown 30 miles from home (fanbelt, just a 1-hour annoyance), I arrived at the range to find...........nothing. No one.  A 15 minute wait found the landowner skidding into the driveway sideways in a tube-rail dune buggy, fresh from a foray up the moutainside. Seems my life wasn't complete without taking a ride, sooo...

  7:30 am Sat. Rickman arrived to help out, setting up target backers and squaring the range away. PJEvans arrived unexpectedly, but welcome, as two other instuctors were unable to make it. The shooter were all on range by 9:00 and the first Redcoat was posted. A varied group of shooters, from complete newbies to "repeat offenders".

 The weather was GLORIOUS, the shooters eager. As we were tallying the redcoat results, 3 IIT's arrived from the Oklahoma corp.  They were welcom help, and a great bunch to work with. No surprise, they had previously trained with DAD up in Kansas. Things moved a little slowly in the morning, but the group was really paying attention, and practicing what was taught.
 After lunch came First Strike, then we kicked things up a few notches. By 5:00 we had completed two QDAQT's and had one new Rifleman. Second strike and Final Redcoat completed Saturday, and it was off for some much-needed rest.

  Sunday morning found us losing 3 shooters, and gaining 3. Redcoats, star, squares, "greencoats" were all used for Sunday "tune-up", then the hammers began to hit the "anvil of the AQT."  By day's end we had 3 more Riflemen.
Third Strike at noon, and Seventh Step as a mid-afternoon break completed history. Mother Nature had turned up the thermostat a bit on Sunday, so shade was the order of the day for comfortable listening. Henschman did a superb job.

 Heat and fatigue took their toll, and we called it a day at 4:00. Range cleanup and teardown, then the run for the barn.

 Kudos to the shooters and instructors, there were ZERO safety issues.

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Re: AAR-- Sallisaw Oklahoma, Sept. 26-27
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 08:10:32 AM »
Ditto for all Longshot said. I was only there for Sunday, but it was a great shoot with an excellent ratio of shooters to instructors. Great to see Henschman instructing, and several more familiar faces. Thank you, Dan, Longshot, PJ and the rest!
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Re: AAR-- Sallisaw Oklahoma, Sept. 26-27
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2009, 02:48:38 PM »
It really was a good shoot.  The students took to the instruction well -- 4 new riflemen, including 1 riflewoman, who apparently outshot her husband and ended up with a 210, after a very suspenseful scoring!  Good job on everybody's part, especially KR, who I think everybody will agree did a great job running the shoot. 

I told some shooters that I would post the link to the cheap m1 slings and the downloadable targets on here, so here they are:

downloadable target thread:

m1 slings:
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