Author Topic: How my Motorcycle Vacation became Appleseed Promotions  (Read 903 times)

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How my Motorcycle Vacation became Appleseed Promotions
« on: August 25, 2009, 10:57:33 AM »
Hey everyone, I want to encourage you to plant Appleseeds wherever you go.  You never know when you'll find fertile ground and the 'seed will take root.  I'm sure some of us have strange stories about how we learned of the program.

I wanted to post this as an example to encourage you to never think, "Nah, I won't go talk to that guy.  I'm 1000 miles from home." :)  My wife graciously put up with me talking up Appleseed everywhere I went on our motorcycle trip through the Smoky Mtns to Charleston, SC.  Not a tour guide nor tourist could escape my spiel!   ;D

On top of that, I am writing an ongoing ride report and posting it on various motorcycle forums that works in some of the Three Strikes.  It explains why I felt it was important to use my vacation to posthumously award Rifleman patches to very worthy Americans like Alvin York, Francis Marion, and unknown Patriots at Cowpens National Battlefield and elsewhere.

Ride Report - On the Path of Riflemen

You know that The Appleseed Project can save this country and return us to our Founding Principles.  Don't keep that answer to yourself.  O0
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Re: How my Motorcycle Vacation became Appleseed Promotions
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2009, 11:36:31 AM »

    Great way to take Appleseed to other forums in non-confrontational fashion!

    And a great message to all us Appleseeders. Think back to how you learned about Appleseed. On a forum? Personally, by word of mouth? Someone at your range? A telephone call? An email?

    Show your appreciation for learning about Appleseed by passing on that "word of mouth", the same way (or a different way is OK, too).

    In fact, show your appreciation by passing "the word' on to TWO others, at least - so we can keep doubling this program.

    And in doing so, you'll be "paying back" the person who was the source for YOU learning about a problem some say "puts the meaning back in life" - even sends a message: "you're not alone, any more!"

     A program others have said adds "HOPE" to their lives...

     Not bad, for a program that is FREE!!! :) :)
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