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What Rifle to Bring to your Appleseed Event
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Appleseed is designed to teach YOU how to shoot YOUR Rifle more accurately!  In fact, we will teach you how to shoot your rifle like the Founders would, if they were here today.

Your Appleseed Shoot is not intended to cause you to spend large sums of your hard earned money on gear and equipment, so don't concern yourself with having the newest, fastest, most sought after rifle in the neighborhood, you can bring what you have

We have included some discussion here about the Liberty Training Rifle, or LTR  You will find the LTR to be a great training rifle, while saving a ton of money on ammo.  For the cost of 400+ rounds of centerfire ammo, you could almost purchase and set up an LTR, having a rifle you can use to keep your skills sharp or loan out (which you will want to do, once you become a rifleman, to make even more riflemen).

What you will want from your rifle when you bring it - reliability, safety, and reasonable accuracy.

You will be shooting around 400 rounds for a weekend Appleseed event.  It is important you have a safe, clean, lubed, and properly functioning rifle.  It is a GREAT IDEA to bring a spare rifle if you have one. 

All safe and properly functioning rifles are WELCOME at Appleseed Shoots.  If you are fortunate enough to have to choose which rifle to bring to your Appleseed, keep some of the following in mind as you make these decisions.

You will be taught how to use a sling for shooting more accurately.  So, you will find having a rifle which has sling swivel and an inexpensive GI-type web sling on it will be of benefit.

You will be reloading your rifle very often.  We typically shoot strings from 5 rounds to 13 rounds - but sometimes up to 40 rds - so ensure you can reload your rifle proficiently.  Not all of the Appleseed course is timed shooting, but some stages are.  If you can not reload quickly, don't let that hold you back, there is still a ton you can learn during the timed portions, and you may be surprised at how proficient you get at reloading your rifle. 

You will be taught how to aim precisely, either with your iron sights or your scope.  The longer radius and more easily-adjustable your iron sights, the easier your job will be made by the tool you are using.  A Rifleman can shoot any properly functioning rifle accurately, so if your current rifle has a short sight radius, or perhaps less than ideal sights, you will still be learning Rifleman skills, and these apply to any rifle you may find in your hands.  Bring what you have, but be sure to bring the best of what you have. It makes it easier!

If your rifle is magazine fed, you will want a minimum of two magazines for use.  We suggest you bring several spares if you have them, as magazines are the cause of many rifle malfunctions, so having some spares may save you some grief.

We have had the pleasure of witnessing folks from all across this nation shoot Rifleman scores with all sorts of rifles.  This is just further proof it is the shooter, not the rifle, which defines accuracy.  Let this be your reassurance no matter what rifle you bring to your Appleseed, your Appleseed Instructors will teach you to get the most accuracy out of it - and more importantly, the most accuracy out of yourself...

For a checklist of what to bring, load and print this PDF file.
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Re: What Rifle to Bring to your Appleseed Shoot
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