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Concord, CA April 6-7, 2024 - Patriots Month event - United Sportsmens inc

Started by Pathogen, April 09, 2024, 03:31:53 AM

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Special thanks to the range. United Sportsmens Inc. They have been absolutely great to us and we can't thank them enough for hosting Project Appleseed.

What a glorious weekend for America!

The weather was perfect. The Students were learning. The instructors were having fun. The Patriots Volley was powerful.

Photo of the Patriots Volley Target below.

The numbers...
Small group, allowed us to get personal. 11 students showed up for liberty.
We had 2 first time ever Appleseeders.
1 returning Rifleman, looking for the distinguished, Dan was almost there 238, 236, 227.
4 first time Riflemen!
Victor with a 215, and 234
Jason 231, 230, 215
Joseph 227
Jude with the infamous 210, then 227. He was baptized in the waters of the North Bridge by his brother. Someone took a video, and hopefully it will get shared.
6 total Red Coat clears!

The Riflemen photos will have to be posted by the respective cameramen.

Congratulations to jodykid who has stepped up to take an orange hat and volunteer for Project Appleseed.

Thank you to 3Huzzahs, 303brit, and DeltaBill couldn't do it without ya'll.

Liberty Yo!