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Candia, NH AAR 1-day rifle 6 April 2024

Started by MattNH, April 07, 2024, 09:49:37 AM

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We we hosted by the Garnet School in Candia, NH for the first time this April.  Thanks to Brian T. for the use of his facilities. 

New England was hit by a spring Nor'easter and we were in the 12-16" of wet heavy snow range.  170k in NH were without power during the storm. While there was snow on the ground, and it varied between flurries, rain and wind, the temp was in the mid-upper 30s.  The shoot boss determined it was not adverse enough to meet the criteria for a Winterseed.  Matt and Milo presented the strikes to an enthusiastic and engaged audience. Brent completed his process check for AC/RSO. 

We had smaller range available to us and we did shoot at 25 yards (not 25 meters) so we didn't need our .30 cal scoring gauges. We had 8 shooters with 5 first time Appleseeders.  Congrats to Tom 210, Larry 231, and Dave 234,232 for re-qualifying Rifleman.  Theo received his William Diamond patch and was a model student.  He took in the instruction and made serious improvements throughout the day.  Randy persisted and started shooting left-handed after our eye dominance discussion.  Human had some outstanding groups with his bolt rifle. Will and Brian showed progress and persistance and we hope to see everyone on the line again.

Range Dog (AC/RSO) was presented with his 10 shoot pin - Thanks Dan. Thanks again to Brian and his Garnet School

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