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AAR Instructor Boot Camp, El Paso, Texas 3/16-17, 2024

Started by Mrs. Smith, April 02, 2024, 06:24:25 PM

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Mrs. Smith

I just KNOW y'all have been waiting for this AAR in breathless antici.................

.............pation  ^-^

Frankly (see what I did there?) so was I  ;D

On the 16th and 17th of March of this year there did converge upon the El Paso Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy NINE intrepid Appleseeders. They assembled there for one honorable purpose: to work hard and refine their craft that they may walk away stronger, more consistent instructors.

And work they did, ya'll.  I'm so proud to have had each and every one of them with us that weekend.

Back Row L-R: HotairBill, Robocop, Moon Clip, Golden Child, Captwa
Middle, all by her onesies, TXGoatLady
Front Row L-R: LoanerRifle, LateByProxy, Waco Kid

Robocop and TXGoatLady of Amarillo, TX have been students at Appleseed events many times, and they finally decided it was time to take that 7th step.  It was my honor to present them with Orange Hats.

The graduates!!  They also walked away with Texas Instructor Cadre patches to go with their Boot Camp Rockers  :cool2:


Pictures from the weekend are available on Imgur at
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