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Charlottesville VA AS Feb 10-11, 2024

Started by OddsREven, February 12, 2024, 12:05:06 PM

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What a weekend in Charlottesville! We had a good mix of skill levels and 3 youth shooters. The weather was very cloudy and cool Saturday and downright wet Sunday. Fortunately, we were able to have our "class" time in the range club house Sunday morning while the rain blew through. At Rivanna, we can't shoot till 1:30 and the rain cleared away around 1:00. Perfect timing for us to move our gear to the range for live fire. On our first Redcoat we had 3 people hit the Shingle and 1 person (returning Rifleman who consistently scoring above 230) clear the target. Our second Redcoat we had 6 out of 14 shooters hit the shingle and 3 clear the target! Awesome! Another notable happening: one of our youth shooters who had never fired a firearm managed to win herself a pack of Oreos when we did our "natural point of Oreo" drill.  Hoozah!! Many thanks to all of our shooters for following safety rules and listening/implementing instruction.  The best news is that we got a new Blue Hat to sign up!  Great group.



Here's the other half of that cartridge that separated.  Successful extraction using a chamber flag after the rifle cooled down.

Had a great weekend. What an amazing cadre!

Excellent instruction and telling of the three strikes of the match!

Well done.
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I'm glad you were able to fix it and thanks for letting me know.  I appreciate the message. 

Hope to see you at more events!



This was a great event to kick off the 2024 Virginia Appleseed events!

The students were attentive and interested in learning what we had to offer.

I'm looking forward to sharing a range with all of them again!

Having a new Blue Hat join the Cadre was AWESOME!!! Welcome to the team! O0

Stay Vigilant,
Bob S.
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(  Link to photo

Here's the other half of that cartridge that separated.  Successful extraction using a chamber flag after the rifle cooled down.