We need volunteers in sales, marketing, PR, IT, and general "running of an organization." 
Maximize your Appleseed energy to make this program grow, and help fill the empty spots
on the firing line!  An hour of time spent at this level can have the impact of ten or a
hundred hours on the firing line.  Want to help? Send a PM to Monkey!

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Started by Vaportrace, February 11, 2024, 05:42:43 PM

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Just Wanted To Take A Second And Wish Senior Instructor Mr. Jesse Epes The Very Best As He Starts A New Journey Tomorrow! Huzzah!!


Bravo Zulu Jesse, looking forward to working the line with you in the future.
"(Were) they nourished by your indulgence? They grew by your neglect of them. As soon as you began to care about them, that care was exercised in sending persons to rule over them, in one department and another…Sent to spy out their liberty, to misrepresent their actions and to prey upon them; men whose behaviour on many occasions has caused the blood of these sons of liberty to recoil within them."
      -Isaac Barre