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NH has a new Red Hat - mmirate

Started by MattNH, March 18, 2024, 02:06:08 PM

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Please join me in congratulting mmirate on completing his IPC and earning his red hat.  Great job Milo, well deserved and thank you for all that you do for the program in NH.

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Congratulations mmirate. Well deserved!!!!



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Congrats, mmirate!  I hope to meet you down here at a shoot with your dad.
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Quote from: upacreek on March 18, 2024, 11:13:05 PMCongrats, mmirate!  I hope to meet you down here at a shoot with your dad.

Or, you could visit family in June or October and come to a NH shoot and meet mmirate then .... just sayin'
Appleseed is friend to all, enemy to none


 Congratulations mmirate! Red will look good on you!
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