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Welcome DEH to State Coordinator

Started by Cleveland, December 05, 2023, 01:08:40 PM

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I am pleased to announce DEH is the new South Carolina State Coordinator.

Many thanks to TAZDevil for his leadership over the years. TAZDevil is staying on as Deputy State Coordinator to help mentor the next generation of leaders. Thank sir.

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Congratulations to DEH!

And well done TAZDevil for all your years of service.

Huzzah to you both.
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Congratulations DEH, very well deserved!
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CMP Distinguished Rifleman, Camp Perry - 2022


Thanks for stepping up to lead SC. I look forward to working with you and TAZ going forward.
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The Law of Our Land
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Congrats, DEH!  I hope we can get border raiders in both GA/SC directions for shoots.
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Congrats and thanks for stepping up!  :beer:
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