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Eagle Creek, OR DRRC December 30-31st, 2023 AAR

Started by Flipper, January 01, 2024, 02:48:36 PM

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What a fantastic way to finish off 2023! Despite the rain we got on Saturday and the holiday weekend, 24 eager students came to attend this weekend event. This was the only event for Oregon this year, but it ended up selling out!
A huge thank you and Huzzah to Ctorg and Ultragtr for traveling down from Seattle to assist with this event! Booga and I were very grateful for the extra help, and we could not have done it without you.

All the students showed improvement throughout the whole weekend! At the end of the day Sunday, we had 6 cleared redcoats, 10 Morgans Shingles, and everyone qualified on their final redcoat. Huzzah to everyone ^:)^

These students knew very much what they were about. We ended the weekend with 6 new Rifleman and 3 Rifleman who requalified.
Congratulations to our new Rifleman; Denis (213), Randal (218, 223, 243), Earl (213, 215, 231, 232), Troy (217), Ryan (219), and Martin (213) Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! 
As well as our requalification's, Marty (223), Justin (212), and Ben who requalified with a 210 on his support side and 240 on his trigger side.

I'd also like to give a Huzzah and a thank you to the youth who came this weekend and did an excellent job of staying safe! Well done to Troy, Parker, Wyatt, Layla, and Ross! It was wonderful to have you all on the line ;D

I will get my pictures up in a different post.
Thank you to everyone who attended. See you all on the Appleseed trail!


Thank you to Flipper and the other instructors for taking your holiday weekend to spend it with us. Some even traveling a great distance to camp in the cold rainy oregon weather. Without your dedication, none of us could enjoy these great events. My daughter is already proclaiming - "I can't wait for the next one!"

A huge "huzzah!" And happy new year to everyone.  :beer:

1st Appleseed - 25SEP22 - 25m - Rifleman (216) w/5.56 AR.
2nd Appleseed - 30DEC23 - 25m - requal (212) w/5.56 AR.
Location: Washington/Oregon/Nevada


Below is the link for pictures. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!



I'll echo the sentiment above. 
Thanks to Flipper and the instructors for giving their time and energy to put this shoot on for us.
I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the calendar for the next one I can attend.
With a bit of practice, and applying what I learned, hopefully I'll get Rifleman at the next one :)