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2024 Field Shoot Schedule

Started by hawkeye, December 10, 2023, 09:27:36 AM

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January 27th KWSS (Scopes)        private range event 13th/ Appleseed IBC 20-21
February 24th                               AS 10-11                                                                       
March 30th                                  AS KD
April 27th                                    AS 19th 1 day KD / AS 20-21
May 18th                                    AS 25-26th Rim Fire KD                                                                                                                                                                       
June Summer Break                   AS 15-16 / 23rd possible weeklong event
July ------------                          AS 20-21st
*August 24th                             AS No Events planned Range Work             
September 21st                         AS 14-15 / 28-29th KD                         
*October 26th Pumpkin Shoot        AS Range Work
November 16th                       AS 9-10th
December 28th                        AS 7-8th   / 14th Instructor KD
 * Range Maintenance may require cancelation or moving this event
We are now shooting steel targets rifle and pistol. No AP ammo please, any caliber 8mm or less center fire rifle. Pistol is any reasonable caliber that you would CC, Please no hand cannons. This is the most friendly shoot you will ever attend, if you have never been to a competition this is a good place to start.
We start each match at 10:00am sharp! We start by shooting to zero rifles until about Noon with a short break for lunch.

There are two courses of fire, the first is on the firing line under the covered area , the second is using a prop such as a vehicle, spool or anything else to make you find a good shooting position and take you out of your comfort zone.
We have targets for scopes and iron sights, The scope targets will be more of a challenge than the iron sight targets of course. You get 2 shots at each target with a spotter making corrections to help get you on target. Targets are from 200 to 500 yards with a round count of 16. The second course of fire is at the same targets you maybe closer to the targets or further from the targets, the round count is also 16 for a total of 32 rounds of rifle ammo. You will on the second course of fire engage pistol targets that will count for part of your overall score. Minimum rounds is 4 (bring more 20 or better) pistol targets are 25 to 100 yards. Yes 100 yards can be shoot with a short barrel CC pistol (maybe not with the first couple of rounds). The course of fire is designed to build your skill and confidence with a rifle and pistol and to be fun. You will see a lot of interesting rifles on the line, from WW1 to present. This is a great way for Appleseed instructors to build their skills as well as learn about deferent types of rifles they may see on the line.

The cost is Gents $20.00 ladies shoot free under 18 shoots free.
It's been amazing to watch shooters skills build though the years as well as a lot of fun!

If you want to be on the email list DM me, I will send out emails as monthly notification of the shoots.
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