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Welcome our new Great Lakes RC - ITB!!

Started by Maximum Ordinate, November 17, 2023, 06:42:59 PM

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Maximum Ordinate


After almost five years of service, Steel Thunder will be passing the Regional Coordinator torch.  I am grateful for his friendship and mentorship during that time.  During his tenure, we've seen several GLR states jump started. Fortunately, Steel is still serving, focusing on Master Instructor duties.

As grateful as I am for Steel Thunder's contributions I the region, I'm equally excited to return of ITB as the Great Lakes Regional Coordinator!  ITB hails from Michigan and has several years of previous RC experience.  He's a seasoned leader and passionate about developing the next generation of instructors.

Steel - thank you for everything you've done in the role of RC.

ITB - thank you for stepping forward to lead again!  I'm looking forward to working closely with you and the GL team!

Please join me in welcoming ITB back as our Great Lakes RC!   ^:)^

In Liberty,
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Mrs. Smith

Steel, thanks for all you have done, and glad you're going to continue to be an MI.   :bow:

ITB!!!  He who ran the first IBC I ever attended! I spent 700+ miles and the better part of two days getting to that thing, lemme tell ya, and I learned a ton. (and then.... I had to drive home  ::)  ;D )

Welcome back to the RC, brother.  Kick its butt.  :beer:
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SteelThunder: Thanks for your dedication (still ongoing) and sorry we didn't really get a chance to work together as SC/RC, but I hope our paths cross one day.

ITB: Thanks for your commitment to the mission and I look forward to working with you!
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Thank you, SteelThunder, for all of the energy and dedication you continue to bring to the mission. 

ITB:  Thanks for stepping up and shouldering leadership again in the Great Lakes.


Well Done Steel Thunder!  Thank you for the work you have and will continue to do in the Program's name. 

ITB - welcome back to the RC role and thank you for stepping up to help out the Great Lakes area. 



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Glad to have you aboard ITB. And SteelThunder, thanks for all your past and future service.
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Thanks for all the replies and warm wishes.  I'm looking forward to guiding the Great Lakes bus into 2024.  Thanks to SteelThunder for his efforts over the last 4 years.
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Looking forward to continue working with both of you
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Congrats and thank you ITB for taking on these duties.  :beer:

Steel I will still be expecting to see you in Shelby.  :-)
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Thanks to both Steel and ITB! I am looking forward to working with both of you in the years ahead!