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Colorado has a new Orange Hat!

Started by bravhrt, November 16, 2023, 08:38:14 AM

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Please join me in welcoming Eric, aka Amp, to the Mile High Cadre!

Eric has participated in several 25m shoots, earning his Rifleman patch at Ben Lomond GC in Ramah this past spring.

He'll be out on the line this coming weekend at Skyline HFC. Welcome aboard, friend!

Amp receiving the coveted Rifleman patch from SB codefogey.

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Rifleman - 09.13.2020 @ Pikes Peak GC
Pistoleer - 10.17.2020 @ Pikes Peak GC
IBC - 03.27-28.21 @ Larkspur, CO
Pistol IBC - 05.14-15.21 @ Otto Road Shooting Range
KD Rifleman & Morgan's Shingle - 10.02.22 @ Ben Lomond GC

Lead Sled

HUZZAH! Congratulations Amp! Thanks for taking the plunge and picking up a bigger bucket. Looking forward to working with you!  :F :F :F
"Failure is not an option." - Gene Kranz