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IBC. Perryville, Mo

Started by Flintlock54, October 27, 2023, 05:11:16 PM

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We have the good fortune to be able to use the Perryville Higher Ed Center for an IBC January 13-14, 2024. Located in Perryville, Mo on the campus of St.  Mary of the Barrens Seminary it's a great venue! 
Acts 22:28. I was freeborn


Great news! I need to check some schedules, but plan to make the trek and see if i can wrangle up any other IL folks.
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Great! I'd love to meet you! 
Acts 22:28. I was freeborn


There's more!   My good friend and classmate, Yvonne,  will do a basic first aid class Friday evening if we want. She's an RN and certified trainer she's the real deal.  .  2 hours, pizza, sandwiches, etc. let me know, here or pm.
Acts 22:28. I was freeborn