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Appleseed returns to ND! Kintyre, ND Sept. 30 - Oct. 1st.

Started by MrFixit, August 16, 2023, 09:40:45 PM

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After a long hiatus (a lot of seventh stepping for me), and a complete rework of our farmyard and range area, we are once again hosting another Appleseed event at our temporary range on our farm!

  Looking forward to another fun event, and hopefully getting to see some new faces, and hand out some more Riflemen patches! Come join the fun!


Good to see; we have a shoot that same weekend or I would drive up.


crak's battle road IBC 10-09
Ramseur 2-12!
ninsho's battle road IBC 6-13


I realize that North Dakota is "In the Middle of No-Damn-Where" and Kintyre is "In the Middle of No-Damn-Where" "In the Middle of No-Damn-Where" (yes, twice intentionally), but I encourage anyone that can swing it to attend MrFixit's shoot. He and his family are good people, and you could say you've been to a shoot in North Dakota.
I have been to one of his shoots, and as mentioned in a previous post, if we didn't have a shoot scheduled for the same weekend, I would make every effort possible to attend.