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Congratulations to our newest dSB - ProudPapa14!

Started by Captain, August 09, 2023, 08:52:40 PM

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Friends, please join me in congratulating our newest Designated Shoot Boss:
^:)^  ProudPapa14  ^:)^

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

:partytime:  :beer:
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Congratulations! It's been so great watching you rise in this program and become a stronger citizen.
Duluth, MN w/ Martin & RustyRed - 1st Rifleman
Monticello, MN w/ Trig & LGLDLR - Orange Hat...
Monticello, MN w/ ProudPapa14 - Instructor PC!


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Morgan's Shingle:              12/2021
Standing Morgan's Shingle: 11/2022
Member: GOA (Gun Owners of America)
Member: FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition)
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200y RKD Qualified 14May2022


Thank you all.  I appreciate the congrats and I hope to use the promotion to further our mission in Minnesota and places beyond. As SC this takes one obstacle out of our growth plans(the ability to replicate ourselves). More SBs, the more potential events we can do. .

Thank you again.



It's not about perfection -- it's about progress!!

I LOVE this stuff!

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