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parma range

Started by wstrngnnt, July 23, 2023, 02:10:26 PM

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is there cell service at the parma rod and gun club?


Manly Man

In my experience, cell coverage can be pretty poor at the range.  Verizon is usually okay.  AT&T not so much.  Can't speak for other providers.


AT&T is meh. T-Mobile is non-existent.


I've got verizon, so hopefully it'll be usable.
I'll bring the inreach just incase.


Sorry it took so long to reply, I just noticed this post.

Yes, some carriers work better than other.   I used to have Verizon and had pretty good coverage.  I have switched to T-Mobile and the reception is not as good.   I have to get to the higher elevations on the range to get coverage.

The range has a good wifi network, so I can connect to wifi calling while at the range.
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verizon worked good, luckily it was not needed.