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Pistol Clinics coming to Minnesota

Started by ProudPapa14, July 09, 2023, 09:44:39 PM

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Thanks to Captain, the Minnesota and Wisconsin Appleseeders will soon have the option of attending Pistol Clinics as both states were able to get Pistol Qualified Instructors made over the course of the 3-day weekend events (Pistol Clinic on Friday followed by a 2-day Pistol IBC).

Congratulations to those instructors earning their Pistoleer™ patch and completing the Pistol IBC.  Once we have the paperwork completed so to say, I'll be looking to start scheduling Pistol Clinic events here in Minnesota.  Look for an event, hopefully as soon as August.

Minnesota cadre qualifying as Pistoleer™ this weekend were:  M14man, TheDestroyer, MNWard, neckburn, Roberts68, & MostlyLawAbidingCitizen.  Well Done!

And as always, thank you to Captain along with our national logistics and support teams for making the event happen.



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I have preliminary approval of two ranges in August to hold a Pistol Clinic.  Look for them in the scheduler soon.