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Started by glocker21, October 21, 2008, 12:34:05 AM

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Welcome to Montana Appleseed! As your State Coordinator please let me help you feel at ease about things to come.

2009 promises to be a wonderful year.

Please sign in as an introduction with your name, email address, and location. This will allow me to send you shoot dates, shooting clinic opportunities, Montana vendor deals, etc. If there is any other information you would like me to know about feel free to leave ideas, range contacts, and any other constructive things you can think of. Please do not start "flame wars", post illegal activities, and otherwise create a non-enjoyable environment in this board.

My name is Jerry and I go by Glocker21. My email address is (please put Appleseed in front of the title of your email if you send one to me so my email filter will not lose your email). I live south of Helena and I shoot mainly M1a variants.

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